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How Long are Cinnamon Rolls Good For?

How long can they last on the counter and in the fridge?
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Propane Powered Panini Presses

While most panini preses are electric, there are propane presses as well
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How Can You Tell When Your Spaghetti is Done Cooking

Should you throw cooked spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks?
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Horizontal Loaf Bread Machines: What are They?

Learn what makes horizontal bread makers unique
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Handles on Fake Drawers in Kitchens: Yes or No

Knobs on fake drawers: aesthetics vs. Usability
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My Pull Out Trash Can Won't Stay Closed

Fixing the Frustating Trash Can Cabinet that Won't Stay Closed
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My Coffee Maker is Taking a Long Time to Brew Coffee

Getting to the bottom of a coffee maker that is taking its sweet time to brew coffee
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Making a Hamburger on a Panini Press

Steps involved for the perfect panini press hamburger
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Effectively Cleaning Your Panini Press

Panini Presses can be messy - here's the best way to clean them
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