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Do They Make Microwaves Without Turntables?

Old microwaves didn't come with turntables... What about new microwaves?
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Do Peppercorns Go Bad? What About Ground Pepper?

While it won't expire, it will lose its taste over time
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Do I Put Cold or Hot Water in a Filter Coffee Machine?

The right temperature water for your coffee machine
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Is Electric Grilling Healthy?

Are there any health concerns with cooking on an electric grill?
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How to Use the Hotel Waffle Maker

Knowing how to properly flip hotel waffles
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How to Make a Seal for a Canister

Getting a good seal for your food storage container
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How Does a Foot Pull Work to Open a Trash Cabinet?

Make it Easier to Access Your Trash Cabinet with a Foot Pull
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How Long Will Pie Dough Last in the Refrigerator?

Pie dough can l
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How to Make a Canister Airtight

Ensuring an airtight seal on containers
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