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Where Is the Best Place for a Coffee Maker in My Kitchen?

Ideal locations for your coffee maker
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What To Do If Your Blender Won't Blend Frozen Fruit

Troubleshooting a blender that refuses to process fruit
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What Is the Order You Should Apply Pizza Toppings?

There actually is a best strategy for topping placement
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What Is a Non-Toxic Panini Press?

Avoiding teflon and BPA in your panini press
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What Is a Good, High-Temperature Oil for Grilling Steak?

Your oil options when cooking a steak
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What Is a Dutch Oven Lid Lifter?

A covenient way to remove your dutch oven lid
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What Can I Use as a Dishwasher Space Filler?

Getting a more snug, seamless fit
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Top Rack Dishwasher Safe- What it Means to You

Lower Rack Heat Can Destroy Many Items
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Things You Can Make on a Panini Press

Some uses are obvious - others you probably haven't even thought of
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