Is the Le Creuset Dutch Oven Handle Oven Safe?

September 19, 2023
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Some Handles are Oven Safe - Others Can’t Withstand High Temperatures

We aim to make this guide as comprehensive as possible. To assist you in the quest for answers about your Le Creuset product, we’ve also included helpful links from the manufacturer.


Le Creuset is one of the most recognizable names in cookware. Their classic burn orange cookware is prominent in many kitchens, both private and professional.

Le Creuset's dutch oven is perhaps the most iconic of many different types of cookware. You can use a dutch oven for almost anything, making it a handy tool in the kitchen.

Understandably, there is some confusion about the handles of Le Creuset dutch ovens. Many people have put a dutch oven on the range, only to find the handles melted or the pot itself cracked. So it’s understandable that you might ask, Is the Le Creuset Dutch oven handle oven safe?

It would be a shame to do this to a high-quality, expensive piece of cookware like a Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven. After all, Le Creuset makes the best dutch oven in the world, and you wouldn't want to ruin one.

If you have some questions about Le Creuset dutch ovens, this article has you covered. It will discuss the history of Le Creuset and dutch ovens.

It will also review some common problems people have with their dutch ovens. Finally, the article will cover the safety procedures for using a Le Creuset dutch oven in the range.

What is Le Creuset?

Le Creuset is a French company that has been in business since 1925. The company's founders, Armand Desaegher and Octave Aubecq, were passionate about cooking and wanted to create high-quality cookware that home cooks and professional chefs would cherish.

The Le Creuset Deep Dutch Oven

The company started in a small town in Northern France called Fresnoy-le-Grand. The first product that Le Creuset produced was a cast iron pot.

This pot was different than any other on the market at the time because it had an enamel coating. This coating made the pot more resistant to rust and gave it a beautiful color.

The pot was an instant hit, and soon Le Creuset produced other enameled cast iron cookware. These pieces included skillets, Dutch ovens, saucepans, and more.

The company quickly gained a reputation for making high-quality cookware that lasted a lifetime.

What Is a Dutch Oven and How Is It Used?

A Dutch oven, sometimes called a round dutch oven, is a heavy pot made from cast iron. It has a tight-fitting lid that helps to trap heat and moisture, making it ideal for slow cooking, braising, and baking.

Dutch ovens can be used on the stovetop or in the range to make soups, stews, roasts, and casseroles. The pot is also big enough to cook a whole chicken or a large piece of meat.

Dutch ovens are typically made from cast iron because they are durable. Cast iron pots can last for generations if they are correctly cared for. Le Creuset is one of the most popular brands of cast iron cookware.

The enamel coating on Le Creuset pots makes them even more durable and gives them a beautiful color. Enameled cast iron is a popular material for Dutch ovens because it can go from the stovetop to the range without any problems.

The price of a Le Creuset dutch oven can vary depending on the size and color you choose. However, they are typically between $200 and $300. $200-300 may seem like a lot of money, but a Le Creuset dutch oven is an investment that will last a lifetime. Cheaper brands, like a Lodge or Tramontina Dutch Oven, aren’t as durable.

What Is the Acceptable Temperature Range for a Le Creuset Dutch Oven?

The acceptable temperature range for a Le Creuset Dutch oven is between 450 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you exceed this temperature range, the enamel coating on the pot can start to break down.

You can of course use a Le Creuset Dutch oven at temperatures below 500 degrees.

Can Le Creuset Handles Go In Oven?

The handles on Le Creuset dutch ovens are cast iron. Cast iron is a material that can withstand high temperatures.

A high-temperature rating means that the handles on Le Creuset dutch ovens are safe to use in the oven.

The pots can handle high temperatures from the range.

The enamel coating on the handles is also heat-resistant. The enamel coating means that you can put the handles of Le Creuset dutch ovens in the oven without worrying about them breaking or shattering.

Handles and Knobs Made of Phenol are Unable to Handle Extremely High Oven Temperatures

The problem is not with the pots themselves but the handles or knobs on the pots. Le Creuset manufactures two types of pots: classic and signature.

Both series have knobs and handles that are phenol. Phenol is a resin that feels and looks like plastic, but it can handle much higher temperatures than regular plastic.

The similarities between phenol and plastic are what cause so much confusion. Many first-time Le Cruset owners are fearful that the handles will melt in the oven.

The truth is that Le Creuset handles are oven safe, but the temperature depends on the series of the pot.

Le Creuset, Classic series pots, come with a black knob or handle. The knobs are phenolic and can handle temperatures up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

These handles will deform if you put them in the oven at temperatures higher than 390 Fahrenheit.

The Le Cruset Signature series pots and pans also have phenolic knobs. However, these are of a higher quality and can stand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

You should not exceed the maximum temperature rating for a Le Creuset Dutch oven. The handles will melt and fill your kitchen with a toxic terrible smell.

Fortunately, you can purchase replacement handles online.

It is essential to know what type of pot and handle you have. Not all Le Creuset lids and handles are oven safe. Before using Le Creuset cookware, you should double-check the heat rating for the handles and knobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if My Le Creuset Knob Is Oven-safe?

If you are not sure if your Le Creuset knob is oven-safe, there are a few things that you can do. The first is to check the heat rating for your particular model.

You can also contact Le Creuset customer service and ask them about the oven safety of your particular pot or pan.

Another option is to look for aftermarket replacement knobs that are oven-safe. These are made from stainless steel or silicone materials and can be used in the oven without any problems.

Can a Dutch Oven With Rubber Handles Go in the Oven?

No, it would be best if you did not put a Dutch oven with rubber handles in the range. Rubber is not a heat-resistant material and will melt if exposed to high temperatures. Melted plastic can cause severe burns or start a fire.

If you have a Dutch oven with rubber handles, you should only use it on the stovetop.

Wrap Up

Le Creuset Dutch ovens are an excellent option for range cooking. They are made from high-quality materials and can withstand high temperatures.

However, it would be best to be careful when using them in the oven. However, the answer to the question: Is the Le Creuset Dutch Oven handle oven safe? Is Yes - but check your manual so you know the exact temperature constraints of your particular dutch oven.

Make sure you know the maximum temperature rating for your pot or pan and do not exceed it. If unsure, contact Le Creuset customer service or look for aftermarket replacement parts.

Following these tips will help you enjoy your Le Creuset Dutch oven for many years.

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