My Air Fryer Food Tastes Like Metal

April 16, 2023
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Air Frying Food Results in a Metallic Food Taste

Have you wondered why your air fryer food tastes like metal? You're not alone. We'll explore some of these reasons and offer solutions to improve the flavor of your air fried meals.

First, it's essential to understand how your air fryer works.

An air fryer is a countertop appliance uses convection cooking to circulate hot air around your food. Air fried food develops a crispy texture similar to fried food cooked in a deep fryer.

Convection cooking is the exact same method that convection ovens use to crisp up food and reduce overall cooking time (when compared to cooking food with a conventional oven).

However, unlike a deep fryer, when you air fry your food you don’t have to dunk your food in a vat of cooking oil to cook it. This makes air fryer recipes much healthier than similar recipes cooked in a deep fryer. For many air fryer dishes, you’ll merely need to coat your food in a little bit of olive oil or other cooking oil to add flavor and keep your food from sticking to the rack in the air fryer basket while cooking.

One possible drawback is that in very rare instances, you may notice a plastic smell while cooking, and the food may have a metallic flavor.

Your air fryer's plastic and metal components can come into contact with your food during cooking and contribute to the undesired flavor. Improper cleaning or specific cooking techniques might exacerbate the issue. Armed with this knowledge, you can start addressing the issue and enjoy delicious, metal-free air-fried meals.

Possible Causes of Metallic Taste in Air Fryer Food

Unboxing of the Philips Essential XL Air Fryer Requires Removing Excess Material and Cleaning. Many other air fryers (and small appliances) require a burn off period

In this section, we will explore possible reasons why your air fryer food might have a metallic taste. Keep in mind the following factors that may contribute to this issue:

Air Fryer Material

One possible cause for the metallic taste in your food might be the material used in the air fryer. Stainless steel or aluminum air fryers can sometimes produce a metallic taste if they react with certain food items. To avoid this issue, ensure you use high-quality materials when selecting your air fryer.

Factory Applied Coatings and Oils

Another reason could be the presence of factory applied plastic coating and oils on your air fryer's components. When you get your air fryer home, be sure to completely remove all excess packaging and plastics.

Most product instruction manuals tell you how to remove cardboard and plastic that are used to protect your air fryer from getting broken or scratched during the shipping process.

Read the instruction manual. Its likely that you’ll be instructed to run your air fryer without food at a high temperature in a well ventilated area for a period of time. Usually this burn off period lasts anywhere from five to twenty minutes.

You should only use your air fryer to cook food after this prescribed burning off period has completed. Again, follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

Utensils and Accessories

Your air fryer accessories may also be responsible for the metallic taste. Your air fryer comes with various parts like the frying basket, baking pan, and grill pan that could release an undesirable smell or taste if they are not cleaned thoroughly before use.

Preventing the Metallic Taste

Getting rid of the metallic taste in your air fryer food can be challenging. But don't worry, follow these steps and you'll have tasty, metal-free meals in no time.

To Avoid Bad Tasting Food, Keep Your Air Fryer Clean and Be Sure to Perform the Initial Burn Off On Your Air Fryer (if Recommended by the Manufacturer)

Proper Cleaning

First, clean your air fryer regularly. Ensure you remove any leftover food particles and accumulated grease after each use. Clean according to the instructions in your air fryer’s manual.

Never submerge any electronic parts.

Most non-electric removable parts can be cleaned with soapy water and a soft, durable cloth.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Be mindful of your cooking accessories. If you use metal accessories, make sure they are food grade and safe for use in air fryers. Air fryers reach extremely high temperatures and can melt cheap plastics. Avoid using accessories made from low-quality materials, as they can contribute to the metallic taste in your food.

Regular Maintenance

Periodically Inspect your air fryer for any signs of damage or plastic residues, and clean them immediately, as they can affect the flavor of your food.

Selecting Quality Air Fryers

When choosing an air fryer, it is crucial to consider several factors to ensure that your food does not taste like metal. In this section, we will explore material considerations, brand reputation, and customer reviews.

Material Considerations

Pay attention to the materials used in the air fryer's construction. Look for air fryers with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, which is less likely to impart a metal taste to your food.

Additionally, avoid air fryers with low-quality plastic components, as they can potentially affect the taste of your food. Stick with well known brands that have great reviews and a good reputation.

Trusted brands consistently provide well-built, reliable, and high-performing air fryers. Brands like Ninja Foodi are known for their quality and are a safer bet than more obscure options.

Reviews can provide insight into the air fryer's performance, user experience, and potential issues, such as food having a metallic taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are air fryers toxic?

Air fryers are not toxic. They use circulating hot air too cook your food. This is perfectly safe and is the same way that a convection oven works. However, if you notice a metal or plastic taste in your food, this might indicate an issue with your air fryer.

How do I get rid of the metallic taste in my air fryer?

Go to your product manual and see the instructions for first use. It may be that you didn’t do the initial burn off that many air fryer manufacturers recommend. If so, perform the burn off and let your air fryer cool down to room temperature and thoroughly clean it. Pay special attention to the inside and the cooking basket. Scrub away any residue or leftover food particles - take care to never submerge any electrical components of your air fryer in water.

Do air fryers release harmful chemicals?

No, air fryers do not release harmful chemicals during normal use. However, if your food tastes like metal or plastic, it could be due to a problem with your air fryer. If this occurs, it could be that you never performed an initial burn off after purchasing your air fryer. Other causes include cooking basket food particles, residue buildup on a rack or the inside of the air fryer, or a faulty heating element. Keep your air fryer clean to avoid unwanted smells.

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