How to Get Stuck Waffles Out of a Waffle Maker

September 20, 2022
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A Variety of Ways to Remove - and Hopefully Save - Your Waffle

Everyone dreams of making the perfect, diner-quality Belgian waffle at home. Unfortunately, making these tasty waffles is often a lot easier said than done. Countless people have experienced the horror of opening their brand new, cast iron waffle maker only to discover their fluffy creation refuses to detach from the baking plates. Here are tips on how to get stuck waffles out of a waffle maker.

Waffle Stuck in Waffle Maker

A Waffle That is Stuck Inside the Waffle Maker Can Be Extremely Frustrating

Before trying anything, always use tools that will not damage the waffle iron. Modern nonstick coatings are much more durable than before but can still be scratched and damaged. Opt for plastic, rubber, or silicon spatulas. Never use metal utensils. They are the most likely tools to ruin the plates.

Method 1: Slip and Flip

With that in mind, the first solution is simple. Gently work a soft spatula under the waffle. Flexible spatulas that can easily slip between the plate and the dough will work best. Be careful not to burn yourself on the hot plates!

If you’re lucky, the spatula will slide under the waffle and detach part of it from the baking plates. After that, it’s a simple matter of working around the perimeter, sawing away at any bits that refuse to separate. That waffle will be ready to flip right out with a simple tug!

The problem is often as simple as a stubborn bit of batter that refuses to detach. If you’re having problems, consider cleaning the grid plates with warm, soapy water. Old food residue can ruin the integrity of the nonstick coating, so regular cleaning is a must. Removable plates make this process a breeze! Like any other electric kitchen appliances, avoid dunking an electric waffle maker in water, to prevent damage.

Method 2: Let It Bake

Unfortunately, the solution might not be as simple as applying an extra bit of force. If your spatula comes away with a bit of batter on it, the waffle simply isn’t done cooking. Even if there is no batter, the waffle may need more heat to finish the job. In such a case, the last thing you’ll want to do is take it off the iron.

Assuming the waffle in question is still intact, close the iron and let it cook for a minute or so longer. See that little bit of waffle batter that peeks out of the sides? Wait until it has turned brown and has a cake-like consistency. Even if your waffle maker has a light to let you know when your treat is ready, it can be inaccurate. Sometimes, it’s best to trust your gut and wait for a crispy waffle.

Method 3: Clean Up and Begin Again

It is unfortunate, but sometimes, you can’t salvage a waffle. Don’t despair, however. Everyone has dealt with that unsightly mess of burnt, goopy batter clinging to the grid plates, so you’re not alone. The waffle is likely unsalvageable in this state. If you’ve opened up your waffle maker and found such a disaster, it’s time to start over.

Unfortunately, you can’t just pour in more batter and start on a new waffle. You need to clean the grid plates before using the iron again. Follow these simple steps to get back to making breakfast.

  1. Turn the waffle iron off or unplug it. Wait until it has cooled down enough to touch before attempting to clean.
  2. Use a spatula to gently scrape away bits of waffle trapped in the grooves.
  3. Wipe away the crumbs and soak up excess oil with a damp cloth on both the grid plates and waffle maker exterior.
  4. If your iron has removable plates, soak them in warm, soapy water to weaken the batter’s hold on the appliance.
  5. Are there stubborn bits of batter that you can’t wipe off? Add a few drops of oil to them and wait a few minutes. Afterward, you can easily remove them.
  6. Thoroughly dry the plates with a cloth and put them back in the iron.
Non Stick Spatulas for Waffle Removal

You Can Use Non-Stick Tools like Silicone Spatulas to Remove Stuck Waffles Without Damaging the Cooking Surface of Your Waffle Maker

After working through those steps, your waffle maker should be clean and ready to bake again! It’s a shame to scrap a waffle, but there will be plenty more where that came from.

Waffle Making Tips

The best way to deal with a waffle stuck in the maker is to not let them get stuck at all. There are two usual suspects when it comes to waffles stuck to the iron: heat and oil. Removing problems with one or both of these may improve future waffle-making endeavors.

Changing the recipe can also improve the results. No one likes to wait, but this extra bit of anticipation will make a world of difference in the long run.

Proper Heating

If the waffle iron is not hot enough, the batter will not cook evenly. This often results in that unsightly mess of half-cooked waffles clinging to both sides of the griddle. One of the easiest ways to fix this is to ensure the iron is sufficiently hot before putting the waffles in.

Make sure you have turned on your waffle iron. A waffle iron needs to be fully heated to cook evenly. Most waffle makers do not heat all parts of the cast iron at the same rate, so it is important to wait until it reaches the proper temperature. If your iron has an indicator light that seems inaccurate, wait an extra minute or two before starting to cook.

One of the best ways to check if the iron is hot enough is to put a drop of batter on the griddle. If the drop bubbles and starts to cook right away, the waffle maker is ready! If not, wait just a bit longer. Only start pouring once you’re sure the iron is hot enough. Check your waffle maker’s settings to see just how hot your waffle maker can get.

If you use an iron waffle maker to make your waffles, make sure that you flip the iron on the heated stovetop for about ten minutes so the heat is evenly distributed. If smoke is present, turn the iron off or lower it. You can also check the temperature (which should be at least 350 degrees) with a digital thermometer. Then, you can continue following the rest of these steps.

Oiling the Pan

Unless the waffle iron is nonstick, apply a healthy dose of cook oil to the plates before every waffle you cook. This oil is how to get stuck waffles out of a waffle maker (or prevent it).

Canola oil is your best friend with nonstick pans. Follow these simple steps to oil the plates.

  1. Soak a paper towel in the oil. Make sure it is saturated but not soaked and dripping.
  2. Lay the paper towel over the grid plates and let it sit for a moment.
  3. Remove the towel once you’re satisfied that the oil has spread
  4. Repeat for every waffle you make.

Avoid using cooking spray on nonstick irons. Sometimes the oil from spray bottles can hinder the process rather than help. This spray can build up over time, ironically sticking to and ruining the pan’s coating.

This simple trick will make waffles less likely to stick to the pan. The best part is that canola oil won’t leave that sticky residue behind. Cooking spray is effective for pans without nonstick plating, but simple household items can often prove just as valuable. If you don’t have canola oil in the house, try sunflower oil. It is similarly high in unsaturated fat.

Ingredient Swap

What’s another way how to get stuck waffles out of a waffle maker? Prevention is key. Sometimes, the problem can come down to the waffle batter itself. For homemade waffles, change the ingredient ratio for tasty waffles.

All baking boils down to chemistry. When it comes to holding the batter together throughout the cooking process, eggs make a world of difference. If your waffles keep coming apart in the iron, try adding an extra egg to the batter. It will help bind the ingredients together for a far less likely chance of a mess.

On a chemical level, eggs help produce a uniform texture and flavor in the dough. If your dough doesn’t have a consistent mix, different areas in the iron can cook at different rates, resulting in a failed product. On that note, always make sure that you mix the batter thoroughly.

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