Are Some Waffle Makers Teflon-Free?

July 11, 2022
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A Look at Teflon Free Waffle Makers

Waffles are a delicious start to your day. A fresh, homemade waffle is sure to guarantee a great day. Waffle makers have increased in popularity as people shy away from frozen pre-packaged waffles. You might think choosing the right waffle maker for your kitchen may be challenging.

People have become wary of Teflon cookware because of rumored health risks, but you do not have to worry. You can find the perfect non toxic waffle maker among the hundreds currently on the market. We have gathered some information that will help you choose a Teflon-free waffle maker that still has the benefit of being nonstick.

What Is a Waffle?

A waffle is a breakfast staple that millions of Americans enjoy daily with syrup. It is a sweet cake-like treat that is made from waffle batter. The batter typically consists of flour, butter, sugar, yeast, milk, and eggs. You can also serve waffles as a snack or as a dessert.

Waffles are a great afterschool snack. You can add fresh fruit and whip cream to create a healthier snack than the traditional chocolate chip cookies and milk.

You can also use waffles as a base for dishes like chicken, stew, or chili. You will want to use the traditional American waffle for these recipes.

If making waffle batter seems a little overwhelming first thing in the morning, you can always whip up a batch when you feel energized and freeze it until you need it. It would be best to take care when thawing it because waffle recipes usually contain eggs. Learn how to thaw waffle batter correctly here.

When choosing a waffle maker, you must know what type of waffles you would like to make. There are several waffles, each with its distinctive taste and texture.

Belgian Waffle

The classic Belgian waffle is a thick waffle made from a batter of yeast and pearl sugar, giving it a sweet crunch that will leave you craving more. These waffles have deep indentations that can be smothered with butter, jam, or syrup.

Brussels Waffle

The Brussels waffle is made with a liquid batter that creates a light and airy waffle. This waffle has larger indentations than the traditional waffle, which you can fill with sweet garnishes such as fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate. You can serve Brussels waffles as a dessert.

American Waffle

You usually make American waffles with baking powder resulting in a denser texture, and you can recognize them by their smaller grooves. American waffles are more versatile than other waffles, and you can use them for dishes other than breakfast.

Liège Waffle

Liège waffles are a delightful and irresistible treat. The batter is an adaptation of the brioche bread dough, and pearl sugar gives the waffle a caramelized coating that is crunchy and delicious. These waffles will remain crisp when served with fruit or ice cream.

When you have decided on the type of waffle you want, you can focus on the kind of waffle maker or waffle iron you will need.

What Are Waffle Irons Made Of?

When considering a Teflon-free waffle iron, you have many options. Waffle irons come in several different shapes, sizes, and materials. Waffle makers are typically made from cast steel, cast iron, and ceramic. But first, what is Teflon, and why should you avoid it?

What is Teflon?

Teflon is the brand name of a coating created in the 1930s. This chemical coating was applied to cookware to provide a nonstick cooking surface. The idea of a nonstick cooking surface was appealing to many.

Photo of a Teflon Coated Wafflemaker

Most Wafflemakers Have a Teflon Nonstick Coating

Today, people are more conscious of their exposure to chemicals and toxins. The idea of cooking on any surface that may have a hint of any chemical or toxic substance is unacceptable to many. Cookware manufacturers have listened to their consumer’s worries and now offer Teflon-free cookware. Why take the chance when you have so many Teflon-free options?

Cast Iron Waffle Maker

The most obvious benefit of a cast iron waffle maker is the absence of nonstick coatings that are typically applied to waffle irons. It is necessary to season a cast iron waffle maker by coating it with fat, lard, or a healthy does of cooking spray.

Cast Iron Wafflemakers

Old-fashioned cast iron waffle makers will not need a power source and can be used on any external heat source. You can take them camping and make great waffles over a campfire.

Cast iron cookware is known for its even distribution and retention of heat throughout the cooking surface. This allows for a crispy, fluffy waffle.

Photo of a Cast Iron Wafflemaker

Cast Iron Wafflemaker

Cast iron is very durable. You can be handing down your cast iron cookware to your children with proper maintenance. Cleaning cast iron is easy but an essential factor in its longevity. You should brush off any food particles with a soft towel and wash them with hot water. It is best not to use any soap. The waffle iron must be thoroughly dried and stored in a cool, dry area.

Cast Steel Waffle Maker

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for a waffle machine and is durable and easily cleaned. If you prefer Belgian waffles, consider the Oster Belgian Waffle Maker. Oster is able to produce nonstick cookware without the use of Teflon. Oster utilizes a diamond particle non stick coating. You can also look at the Breville Smart Waffle.

Steel promotes even heat distribution, and surfaces are scratch-resistant.

Cast Aluminum Waffle Maker

Aluminum waffle makers are another great choice. You will be happy to learn that aluminum cookware is generally not as expensive as cast iron. Aluminum waffle makers have a nonstick coating that makes cooking and cleaning easy.

It would be best to keep in mind that you cannot use metal utensils with aluminum cookware, which can scratch the surface of your cookware and cause flaking, which will ruin your waffle iron.

Aluminum distributes heat evenly throughout the cooking surface, so your waffles will be perfectly browned every time you make them. If you are tempted to buy aluminum, consider the NordicWare 15040 Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgium Waffle Iron.

Ceramic Waffle Maker

Ceramic waffle makers are a healthy alternative to the more traditional waffle makers. Despite their name, these waffle makers are not made from ceramic but have cooking plates covered with a ceramic coating that provides a nonstick surface. These coatings are non-toxic and chemical-free.

This ceramic coating is durable and allows heat to be distributed evenly. These waffle makers are easy to clean, especially if you choose a ceramic waffle maker that has removable plates that are dishwasher safe.

Ceramic cookware has grown in popularity, and people are switching because of its convenience. The safety and ease that ceramic cookware provides appeal to many people.

The best ceramic waffle maker for your money is the Euro Cuisine WM520 Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker. You will impress your significant other or children with your culinary skills when you produce delicious heart-shaped waffles.

Other Features

Knowing what type of waffles you want to make and the kind of waffle maker means you are halfway to your decision. It would be wise to consider several other things when deciding on a Teflon-free waffle iron.

Size and Yield

It would help to determine how many waffles you want to make at once. Do you have a large family to feed, or are you feeding only yourself? It is best to determine the yield of the waffle maker you are considering to see if it will work for your kitchen. If you have a family of five, making two waffles at a time might not be the wisest choice for hectic mornings.


It would help to determine how much time you want to spend cleaning. The most straightforward choices are the waffle makers with removable plates you can throw in the dishwasher. If there are no removable plates, does the waffle iron have a surface that can be easily cleaned?


Many waffle makers come with specific controls for cooking waffles. Some have browning controls, flip-over controls, ready indicator lights, and timers. Do you want the help of controls, or are you confident in your cooking skills?


You will have to consider the amount of storage space you have for your waffle iron. Some irons are larger than others, so you may have to factor in size if you have limited kitchen space.


The most significant factor will probably be your budget. How much money do you have to spend on a waffle maker? You will want good value for your money, but a waffle maker is not usually on the list of must-haves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are waffle makers nonstick?

Yes, waffle makers are usually coated with Teflon, making them nonstick. However, many alternatives are Teflon-free and still nonstick.

Does Oster use Teflon?

Oster does not use Teflon in any of their cookware. They use a Duraceramic coating that is free from chemicals and toxins.

Is Cuisinart waffle maker nonstick?

Yes, the Cuisinart waffle maker comes with nonstick cooking plates.

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