How Hot Does A Waffle Maker Get?  

July 27, 2022
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Wafflemakers Medium to Medium High Heat

Temperature is crucial when you’re in the kitchen. The typical baking temperature is 350 degrees for a specific time, depending on if you’re baking a cake, roasting meat, or preparing vegetables. Bread requires a higher temperature. Usually about 450 degrees.

Waffle batter seems bready, but waffles are thinner than a loaf of bread. So should you cook it at a higher temperature like bread, or treat it more like cake? Learning the answer to “How hot does a wafflemaker get?” helps you understand how to the right methods and temperatures to cook waffles to get a delicious breakfast.

How Hot Are Waffles?

You typically cook waffles at a temperature closer to cake than bread. Some waffle recipes call for pearl sugar to give them their signature crunch. The sugar can burn at high temperatures, so keeping waffles in the 350 to the 375-degree range is ideal.

Photo of Heart Shaped Waffles

350 - 375 Degrees is the Sweet Spot for A Waffle Maker

At What Temperature Do You Cook Belgian Waffles?

Belgian waffles are thicker than those you typically make in a waffle iron. The waffle batter also differs from the usual waffle mix. You add yeast and sugar to make a sweeter waffle. Since it’s so thick, the squares are deeper. Using jam instead of maple syrup makes Belgian waffles a sweet treat.

The Cuisinart 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

Because of the pearl sugar in Belgian waffles, you want to cook them at 355 to 360 degrees. Anything hotter makes the sugar caramelize quickly, burning the waffle as you wait for it to cook through.

At What Temperature Do You Cook Liege Waffles?

You make Liege waffles from a type of brioche bread dough. A bit of pearl sugar in the waffle batter gives them a crunchy coating. These waffles stay crisp even when you top them with syrup, fruit, or ice cream.

Use a temperature at the lower end of the spectrum for a Liege waffle.

So, how hot does a waffle maker get?

About 350 degrees is ideal because the surface will crisp without burning. If you have a regular waffle iron, you can let it heat to 375 degrees, but only cook it for four minutes so it won’t burn.

What Temperature Do You Cook a Stuffed Waffle?

A stuffed waffle is thicker, just like a Belgian waffle. Therefore, you need a custom iron for both of those waffles. You prepare the waffle batter according to the recipe, then mix your stuffing. Fruit and cream cheese make delicious sweet waffles. You can use crumbled sausage and cheese for a savory stuffed waffle.

Cover the bottom slots of the waffle iron with 1/3 to 1/2 cup of batter. Spoon the filling into the middle of the iron. Add enough batter to cover the filling, then close the waffle maker. Let it cook at the regular temperature for about ten minutes. Leave it on a wire rack to crisp instead of getting soggy.

How Do You Know When Waffle Maker Is Hot Enough?

It’s ideal to preheat your waffle iron to make them crispy and ensure they cook through evenly. Many waffle makers have a preheat button on the lid that lets you know it’s hot enough. However, the indicator goes off as soon as any portion of the waffle maker reaches the ideal temperature—not the entire waffle maker.

Photo of waffles topped with bananas and chocolate

Be sure to Let Your WaffleMaker PreHeat for the Required Amount of Time

Let the waffle machine preheat even after the indicator goes off. 10 minutes is usually long enough to get the entire plate hot enough. For the best waffles, you also want to allow the plates to heat back up completely. If you remove one waffle and then pour on more batter, the next batch is going to be softer and cooler than it should.

You don’t have to wait 10 minutes between each waffle. Give the iron 1 or 2 minutes to heat up with no food on the plates. Since it previously reached the ideal temperature, it won’t take as long to get back to it.

Some people worry about the temperature of waffle irons because of the non-stick coating. Before 2013, Teflon contained per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). When you cooked at high heat, the Teflon broke down and released PFAS into your food and the air. PFAS can cause cancer, so people started avoiding Teflon.

Teflon that’s on the market now doesn’t cause cancer, but people are still wary. Waffles must cook at a high temperature to get that signature crisp, so you want a non-toxic, non-stick surface. You can find Teflon-free waffle makers or invest in a cast iron waffle maker.

How To Make Waffles

Waffles are fairly straightforward, but the exact cooking procedure can vary depending on your waffle machine. The recipe also impacts cooking time and temperature. Most recipes call for flour, eggs or egg whites, milk, sugar, baking powder, and vegetable oil.

When you use waffle mix, you’re getting less fat, which can impact the taste. They won’t be as sweet. Belgian waffles might not be as fluffy if you combine the mix with water instead of milk.

Plug in your waffle iron to preheat while you make the batter. Grease the plates with oil or butter to ensure your waffles won’t stick. If your waffle iron has a non-stick coating, you’re already good to go.

Photo of a Finished Golden Brown Waffle in a Wafflemaker

Your Waffles are Done When They’re Crisp and Golden Brown

Once you have your batter ready, whether it comes from a recipe or a mix, you can pour it over the waffle iron plates. The usual measurement is 3/4 of a cup of batter per waffle, but it can vary depending on your waffle iron. Many machines come with a recipe book that tells you this information, so you can double-check before overfilling it.

Set a timer if your waffle iron doesn’t have one built-in. 4 to 6 minutes is the best time to cook a waffle. 4 minutes gives you a lightly golden waffle, and 6 minutes ensures it’s crisp. Using a timer keeps you from opening the waffle iron, which can shift the batter and release heat that’s crucial for cooking.

A cast iron waffle maker doesn't use electricity, so you can take it on camping trips or use it in your backyard fire pit. If you use one inside, heat it on the stove for two minutes on each side.

So, how hot does a cast iron waffle maker get?

The cast iron should heat up to 425 degrees, and you’ll see it steaming. Pour in the batter and cook the waffles for two minutes per side.

Regardless of what type of machine you’re using, place the finished waffles on a wire rack. They’ll cool down evenly without growing soggy due to the heat. Douse with maple syrup, and you’re ready to eat the perfect waffle!

Can You Cook Other Foods in a Waffle Maker?

People often wonder what else you can cook in a waffle maker. While you can cook a pancake in a waffle maker, you’re not going to get delicious results. Because of the waffle maker’s design and structure, anything you make is going to look like, well, a waffle! But you can make it taste different.

A popular question is, “Can you cook a hotdog in a waffle iron?” Due to the hotdog’s shape, it might not seem possible. But you can batter a hotdog like a corn dog and cook it in a waffle iron. You’ll have to apply pressure to the lid to cook the batter and warm the hotdog because it won’t stay closed on its own.

The recipe guide from Food Network can help you think of unique approaches to using your waffle iron. You can cook delicious brownie desserts, hash browns, pizza with a waffled crust, and bread.

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