Why Do You Have to Flip Waffle Makers?

December 17, 2022
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Do Waffle Makers Need to Be Flipped?

Waffles are an excellent food item for breakfast and brunch. You can pair them with eggs, bacon, sausage, and other breakfast proteins. You can also top them with whip cream, fruits, and other sweet toppings.

There are many ways to eat waffles, which is why people love ordering them at diners, making them at hotel breakfast buffets, or even purchasing an at-home waffle maker.

But have you ever wondered, "why do you have to flip waffle makers?" This article will address this question and answer other related questions on the topic of waffle makers.

Why Do You Have to Flip Waffle Makers?

The flipping mechanism on waffle makers helps to cook the waffle batter evenly. Without flipping the waffle maker, one side of the waffle would be cooked more than the other.

If you're using a standard waffle maker, it's important to check on the waffles frequently. These waffle makers may not have a timer, so you'll need to keep an eye on the cooking process.

Flipping Helps the Waffle Cook Completely

What Do You Do When Your Waffle Is Done?

Once the waffle is done, use a fork or spatula to remove it from the waffle maker. Be careful not to burn yourself—the plates will be hot!

Using a waffle iron with removable plates, you can simply remove the entire plate and set it aside to cool. A removable-plate waffle maker is usually more expensive than a regular waffle maker, but they're also more convenient.

With a regular waffle maker, you'll need to be extra careful when removing the waffle. Use a fork or spatula to help loosen the edges of the waffle, then gently lift it out of the waffle maker.

Is a Flip Style Waffle Maker Better?

There are two popular types of waffle makers: the flip style and the standard.

Flip-style waffle makers usually have a timer and an indicator light that lets you know when the waffle is ready. They also have a mechanism that allows you to flip the waffle maker, so you don't have to do it manually.

Standard waffle makers don't have a timer for flipping the waffle or the mechanism to flip the waffle without opening the plates and flipping it manually. However, most of these waffle makers have hot plates on both the top and the bottom, so your waffle will still come out even.

The main reason to opt for a flip-style waffle maker over a standard one is to make Belgian waffles because these types of waffles are thicker and use more batter. The rotation ensures that the batter cooks evenly.

Ultimately, both types of waffle makers can get the job done, so the best waffle maker will depend on your personal preferences and other factors such as size, price, design, and additional functions.

Not All Waffle Makers Have a Flip Feature

What's the Difference Between a Regular Waffle Maker and a Belgian Waffle Maker?

It's also important to note that a Belgian waffle maker is different from a regular waffle maker. Belgian waffles are usually larger and have deeper pockets. They're also made with a different batter than typical waffles, so they'll have a different flavor and texture.

If you're looking for a Belgian waffle maker, choose one specifically designed for making Belgian waffles. These waffle makers will have deeper pockets and higher sides to accommodate the thicker batter.

Alternatively, if you like a classic waffle or even a thin, crispy waffle, then sticking with a regular waffle maker will work fine — regardless of whether it can flip.

If you are going to purchase a Belgian waffle maker, make sure to get one that is safe and has not been recalled like the All-Clad 4-Square Belgian Waffle Maker was.

How Do You Flip a Waffle Iron?

You can flip a waffle iron only if the waffle maker has a flipping mechanism.

If you have or plan to use a flipping waffle iron, it's quite easy to flip it. All you have to do is grip the handle and turn it over as if you are turning a doorknob 180 degrees.

Of course, there may be specific functions and instructions depending on the brand of waffle maker you choose.

Some may have a timer which is useful to know when exactly it's the best time to flip it for a perfectly delicious waffle that's crispy on the outside and lighter on the inside. Others may allow you to make two waffles at once but have specific instructions to do so.

Many Waffle Makers Have Timers That Let You Know When it Needs to be Flipped

What Happens if You Submerge a Waffle Maker in Water?

Never submerge your waffle maker in water or any other liquid.

Waffle makers have electrical components that can be damaged if they come in contact with water. In addition, the non-stick coating on most waffle makers can be damaged if it gets wet.

Although making waffles can get a bit messy or leave behind crumbs and crusts, don't get tempted to throw the waffle maker in the sink.

You can clean it more safely by unplugging it first and then using a damp cloth to wipe down the plates. If there are any stuck-on bits, you can use a non-abrasive cleaner like vinegar or soapy water.

Make sure the waffle maker is completely dry before plugging it back in and using it again to avoid safety hazards.

Tips for Buying the Best Waffle Maker

When it comes to selecting the best waffle maker for your purposes, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind.

Type of Waffles

First, think about the style of waffles you want to make. A regular waffle maker will do the trick if you're looking for a classic waffle.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a maker that's a little fancier or you have a specific waffle recipe you want to try, then you may want to get a Belgian waffle maker.

Size of Waffles

Another essential factor is the size of the waffle maker. If you have a large family or you entertain often, you'll want to get a more prominent waffle maker so you can make enough waffles for everyone.

However, if you live alone or have a small family, a mini waffle maker may be a better bet for you since it will take up less counter space, and you won't have to make as many waffles at once.


Finally, you'll want to consider the features you want in a waffle maker. Some features, like a timer or the ability to make two waffles at once, can be helpful but are not essential.

On the other hand, features like a non-stick coating and a cool-touch exterior can be beneficial, especially if you're new to waffle making or want to make cleaning easier and quicker.

Keep these factors in mind, and you'll surely find the best waffle maker for your needs.

The Best Waffle Makers on the Market

Now that you have a clearer understanding of why some waffle makers flip and others don't and an idea of what to look for in a waffle maker, here are some favorites if you're looking to purchase a waffle maker of your own.

Cuisinart Maker

If you're looking for a durable, heavy-duty, feature-heavy flip waffle maker, the Cuisinart Double Waffle Iron is an excellent choice.

You can make two deep Belgian waffles at once with the help of both light and sound indicators.

There are also six settings for custom temperature control, which is very helpful if you want to experiment with your recipes.

All in all, Cuisinart is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a reliable, feature-rich waffle maker that can stand the test of time.

Breville Smart Waffle Pro

The Breville Smart Waffle Pro is a great option if you're looking for a high-quality waffle maker that doesn't require flipping.

This waffle maker has a 2-slice capacity, so you can speed up the time it takes to make multiple waffles in one sitting. Plus, it includes intelligent automation that allows you to make various styles of waffles to perfection, including classic, Belgium, buttermilk, and even chocolate waffles.

Finally, this waffle maker is perfect for less mess, as not only does it have a non-stick coating, but it also includes a "no mess moat," which prevents any extra waffle batter that oozes out of the sides from dripping onto your countertop.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker - A Great Small Waffle Maker

Suppose you'd prefer a simple, small waffle maker, whether for your office, your dorm room, or another environment where you don't have ample space to work with but still want to be able to make delicious waffles. In that case, the Dash Mini Waffle Maker is a winner.

It's a straightforward, 1-slice, no-flip waffle maker that is easy to use, has dual non-stick surfaces, and can be used for waffles and hash browns.

Plus, it comes in a wide variety of color options, making it a fun gift option.

Honorable Mention: Air Fryers

If you already use an air fryer at home and are not planning on making waffles from scratch, you can use an air fryer to heat pre-cooked waffles, such as frozen Eggo waffles.

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