What Is An Oven Dolly?

April 21, 2022
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Essential for Moving Heavy Appliances

When you need to move a wall oven or other heavy appliance, an oven dolly may be the right tool for the task. An oven dolly is especially helpful for moving a double wall oven. There are a few things to learn about purchasing and using an oven dolly, so to ensure your safety, let’s take a look.

The Oven Dolly

An oven dolly (or appliance dolly) is a solution that allows the mover to lift a wall oven or heavy appliance off the ground for installation. Heavy duty casters on the dolly design also give the dolly the mobility to move the appliance. Casters are wheels with brackets that aren't fixed in a particular direction - they are able to swivel in different directions giving it extreme versatility in movement of the dolly.

If the wall oven will be installed in a tight space, the oven can be lifted onto the dolly in an open location of the home. Then, you can wheel it to the installation space.

All Dolly, a manufacturer of appliance dollies, designed an oven dolly with a drive system that can lift and lower an appliance by using a power drill. The lift design substantially reduces the amount of personal lifting to install an oven. With a few simple maneuvers, you can install a heavy appliance with relative ease.

Photo of a woman using a dolly to move appliances

Dolly’s are extremely helpful for relocating appliances like ovens

When you are not using the oven dolly for moving heavy items, it has the potential to provide generous storage or be used as a utility cart for other heavy items.

When to Use an Oven Dolly

Using an appliance dolly is a wise choice when moving a heavy appliance like a refrigerator or dishwasher that will remain on the floor once installed. Moving a wall oven, pizza oven, or microwave is a little different because the appliance has to be installed above the ground - about a foot off the ground for a double wall oven and up to three feet off the ground when installing a single wall oven.

Lifting a wall oven while also managing the installation is tricky and can result in injury. The lightest single wall ovens are around 80 lbs, and the heaviest double wall ovens weigh as much as 250 lbs. Moving other large items or appliances in the home or garage will also be easier with an appliance dolly, so it doesn't have to be an investment solely for the rare new appliance installation.

Purchasing an Oven Dolly

If you are in the business of repairing ovens, buying and selling ovens, or remodeling homes, you and your team may benefit from the use of an oven dolly. The initial investment will be worth reducing the amount of injury potential or damage to the home for anyone who moves heavy appliances with you.

Dollies are an essential piece of equipment for moving heavy appliances

Oven dollies come in various widths and models. Ovens are made and sold in increasingly larger sizes, and manufacturers like All Dolly have increased the capacity of oven dollies to keep up with the trend. The largest dolly can hold up to 600 lbs! Dollys are made to be extremely durable and are constructed of steel. You can also order related products, replacement parts, and accessories for your dolly at the manufacturer’s website.

How to Use an Oven Dolly

Using an oven dolly to install a wall oven can save you time and prevent injury. Here are the steps for using an All Dolly oven dolly.

Photo of a dolly being used to move appliances to different locations

Using a dolly to move appliances

Removing a Wall Oven

To remove a wall oven with an All Dolly:

  1. Shut off the breaker or power source to the oven.
  2. Align the front bracket rail on the dolly to the height of the bottom of the oven.
  3. Open the oven doors to remove the screws from the mounting holes.
  4. Slide the oven out slightly.
  5. Roll the dolly into position. The dolly should be flush against the wall. The side panels of the dolly should be folded toward you so that the front edge of the oven is resting at the front of the dolly.
  6. Slide the oven out about 15 inches. The back of the oven should still be on the wall.
  7. Move the side panels of the dolly toward the back of the oven and position the rear bracket rails underneath the back of the oven.
  8. Once the entire weight of the oven is supported by the dolly, carefully wheel the dolly out to slide the oven out of the wall.

Installing a Wall Oven

To install a wall oven with an All Dolly:

  1. Ensure the power is connected and positioned for you to begin installing the oven.
  2. Move the oven into position with the wall.
  3. On one side first, lift the back of the oven slightly off the rear bracket rails and into place. Then slide the dolly panel out and swing it around to the front for additional oven support. Repeat this step on the other side of the oven.
  4. Use the dolly to push the oven into place.
  5. Open the door and place screws into the mounting holes.

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