What Is a Trash Can Wall Protector?

August 1, 2023
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Avoid Wall Damage in Your Kitchen

Most people’s kitchen trash bin sees a lot of action. Sadly, the wall behind your kitchen trash takes a lot of the brunt of this action, and it may suffer scratches, scuffs, or become dirty. A great solution is a trash can wall protector. But what is a trash can wall protector?

A trash can wall protector is a nifty material that sticks to the wall behind or beside your kitchen trash can to protect the wall from damage or a mess. They are a rubber or silicone material with an adhesive backing.

Reasons To Get a Trash Can Wall Protector

Now that you know what a trash can wall protector is, consider if you need one. Below are common reasons people add a trash can wall protector to their home.

Lid Dents

If your trash can has a lid, which most modern kitchen trash cans do, the lid may slam into the wall every time you open the trash. No one wants to deal with the time and headache involved of repairing drywall.

Even plastic trash cans can leave scuffs, scrapes, and dents on your beautiful kitchen wall. A trash can wall protector is a semi-thick barrier between your trash can’s lid and the kitchen wall.

Trash Cans Near Walls in Your Kitchen Can Result in Damage or Stains to the Walls


One of the grossest things that happen to your kitchen wall is when food remnants splash or stick to the wall. This misfortune often happens when throwing away leftover food or discarding food packaging.

It’s hard to avoid splashes and rogue food particles, but they can stain your kitchen wall, creating a permanent problem.

A trash can wall protector does an excellent job catching these splashes, and it’s a breeze to wipe clean. And when you peel off the trash can wall protector, the wall will be pristine and beautiful!


Even if your kitchen trash is lidless, the sides and top of the garbage can scratch your walls. Plastic trash cans can do this as well as stainless steel trash cans. But a trash can wall protector will prevent the can from hitting the wall and damaging it.


Below are alternatives to protect your kitchen cabinets and wall.

Place It in a Cabinet

If you have a large enough kitchen cabinet or cupboard, place your kitchen trash inside. A trash bin in a cabinet is convenient and out of sight behind a cabinet door. This makes it one of the best places to keep kitchen trash if you hate the sight of garbage and want to eliminate icky smells as much as possible. Many kitchen cabinets have enough room for side by sid trash cans so you can have one can dedicated to garbage, and the other can be used for your recyclables.

A Budget Friendly Way to Hide Your Trash Can in a Pull Out Cabinet

Non-Slip Mat

When the main issue with your trash bin and kitchen wall is the garbage can slipping and slamming into the wall, leaving scratches or scuffs, you can get an anti-slip mat.

Place the anti-slip mat underneath your garbage can or recycling bin so that when you toss heavy stuff or take out a trash bag, it won’t hit the wall.

Sensor Trash Can

A smart or sensor trash can means you don’t manually open the garbage bin. Sensor trash cans or trash compactors open more gingerly, so they won’t hit the wall behind the garbage can or recycling bin. Read a customer review or two before settling on one as they can range in quality.


Below are commonly asked questions about kitchen trash.

What should I use to clean my trash can?

You can use an all-purpose spray, white vinegar and water, or a small amount of bleach. Bleach is one of the best options because it will kill any bacteria on or around the trash can, but use it with caution, as bleach is a powerful chemical.

How often should I clean my trash can?

It depends on how often you cook and generate trash. People who eat out a lot don’t produce as much garbage as those who cook or order takeout. If you use your trash a lot, clean the trash cans monthly or so. If you rarely fill up your trash, you can clean the trash every few months. Using trash can liners is a must to prevent food from sticking to your trash can and rotting.

Is it unhealthy to have kitchen trash without a lid?

Having kitchen trash without a lid isn’t inherently unhealthy, but many consider it unpleasant and unhygienic. Gross odors may fill your kitchen, and bacteria can spread, so if you have the option, always use lids on your trash cans.

How can I stop my dog from getting in the trash?

The heavier the garbage can lid, the harder it will be for your dog to smell and nuzzle his nose under the lid and get to the goods. So buy a sensor trash can with a heavy lid; stainless steel is best to protect your precious trash from your inquisitive dog.

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