Do Trash Compactors Need Deodorizers?

August 9, 2022
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Deodorizers Can Help to Mask that Compactor Smell

Everyone accumulates garbage in their homes and business. Everything from cookies to spray paint cans ends up in there. It is an unpleasant truth that we must deal with. There are several options to consider other than just an ordinary trash can.

One popular option is a trash compactor. This helpful home and commercial kitchen appliance compresses your garbage into a tight bundle, reducing the size of the trash that needs disposal.

Let’s take a closer look at trash compactors and whether or not they need deodorizers.

Trash Compactors in the Home

A garbage compactor is particularly useful in larger households that create more trash. It is also popular among homeowners who need to haul their junk away or can’t pick up or move large waste containers.

The Process of Installing a Kitchen Trash Compactor

After compacting, a smaller volume of trash will significantly reduce the number of trips to the landfill, garbage bin, or recycling center.

Whatever the reason for purchasing and using a trash compactor, there is one thing they all have in common; they can quickly become messy and stinky if not adequately cleaned and maintained regularly.

What Type of Bag Works with a Trash Compactor?

Most household trash compactors use bags to hold the garbage and keep the trash from touching the inside of the compactor. While a regular trash bag can be used, they are not recommended as they were not designed to withstand the pressure of a trash compactor.

A specially designed trash compactor bag carrier is the right tool for the job. You may need to get them from overseas and special shipping might be required too. However, having these special carriers makes life so much easier! As an example, check out the Jennair trash compactor bag caddy.

While these bags do a fine job containing the mess and bad odors, you will still need to clean your trash compactor’s charcoal filter at least once a month. There are recommended cleaning supplies to disinfect the inside of the container of the compactor, but you may still want to do something to make it smell fresher.

Unpleasant odors that emit from trash compactors are likely from organic waste. However, there are instances where residue from these materials finds its way into areas that are hard to reach without a deep cleaning. Removing these sources with regular cleaning is the best way to prevent odors.

If you are operating a business or you have a large family and don’t have time to deep clean your dumpster daily, trash odor from the compactor can become an issue.

When this is the case, you should invest in a quality trash compactor deodorizer. For most, using a deodorizer to combat the foul odor is part of regular trash compactor maintenance.

What Are The Different Types of Compactor Deodorizers?

There are two types of deodorizers on the market today, spray and granular. The spray variety is usually bio-enzymatic and aims to remove odors. The granular variety is typically clay-based and is used to neutralize odors instead of removing them in the long term.


If your goal is to eliminate the odor long-term, spray deodorizers are the way to go. They act to remove the source of the odor. Commercial air conditioner fresheners attempt to cover up the smell while doing nothing to eliminate the source.

The enzymes in the spray deodorizers break down organic waste for removal. The spray is particularly useful in hard-to-reach crevices and cracks. Once the odor source gets removed, the smell will be much improved.


For short-term odor control, another trash compactor deodorizer option is granules. These products don’t remove the odor source like the spray varieties. Instead, they mask the odor.

These products are typically cheaper, quicker, and easier to use. However, without removing the source of the odor, it is not a long-term solution.

How Do I Use Trash Compactor Deodorizers?

For best results when using deodorizers for your trash compactor, ensure it is empty and free of garbage.


Typically these deodorizers are attached to a water hose or other type of sprayer to be used. After ensuring the compactor is empty, spray the inside and surrounding areas.

We recommend using spray odor removers each time the compactor gets emptied. There is no need for scrubbing after using the product.


Sprinkle the granules in and around the compactor to absorb the odor. This will not eliminate the smell, but if used every time the compactor gets emptied, it will substantially reduce the odor coming from the unit.

How Often Should I Deodorize My Trash Compactor?

There are two types of trash compactors; commercial and residential. Deodorizing a trash compactor after each use probably isn’t realistic for a place of business that produces a large volume of garbage. And most homeowners don’t have the time to clean and deodorize their home compactor after each use either.

If you don’t have the time to clean and disinfect your trash compactor after each use, it’s a good idea to keep some granular deodorizer handy. While it doesn’t remove the source of the odor, it masks the odor and is quick and easy to use.

Regardless of how busy your household or place of business may be, you should still make it a point to give your trash compactor a deep cleaning and deodorizing at least monthly.

While daily use of granular deodorizers does a great job of concealing odors, deep cleaning with disinfectants and spray deodorizers is the only way to prevent long-term odor and pests truly.

Is it Safe To Use Trash Compactor Deodorizers?

Bio-enzymatic odor removers contain non-pathogenic bacteria that work to eliminate odors and soils. These bacteria do not pose health risks and can be safely used around people, pets, and plants.

Not only are the ingredients in trash compactors deodorizers not harmful to people, pets, and plants, but failure to use products such as these can be dangerous.

The odors that come from trash compactors are typically from organic waste. If this waste and its accompanying odors are not removed, it will soon attract insects and other harmful pests.

As with any product, read the instructions and warning labels on any trash compactor deodorizer you purchase and use.
Whether it’s your home or your business, foul odors from your trash compactor are an unpleasant experience. If left untreated, these smells can leave your guests with the wrong impression of the sanitary conditions of your home or business.

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