Propane Powered Panini Presses

August 26, 2022
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Mostly for Commercial Kitchens, Propane Panini Presses are Popular

Propane-powered panini presses make great sandwiches. Some might argue that paninis are better than a regular sandwich, and they’d probably be right. A panini grill can operate like an electric griddle, but a gas grill produces a much different result.  

Panini presses are vital in the kitchen, whether at home or in a restaurant. Since it’s essentially a miniature grill, you can use the panini press for many things besides paninis. But the panini is definitely the most important–and delicious–food item the sandwich maker can make.  

Propane-Powered: Superiority Guaranteed

The propane-powered panini press is a little different from other grills worldwide. For example, the Green Mountain grills are mostly pellet grills, which can make a nice sandwich, but the propane-powered grill is a much better option for paninis.

Propane Powered Panini Presses are Powered by Natural Gas, Just Like a Gas Range

Similarly, Weber grills for sandwiches are almost always electric. The taste differences between an electric grill and a propane-powered grill are significant. It’s worth noting that gas-powered grills of all kinds typically provide a more authentic taste. A charcoal grill might represent the epitome of classic grill flavor, but any gas-powered grill is a close second.

Unfortunately, many big names in the grilling and sandwich-making industry stick to electric grills. Even Hamilton Beach markets electric panini presses. Electric grills don’t carry the same weight in the grilling world.

Electric grills use electricity as their main source of heat. Electric grills are simple and easy to use, but they’re almost always less versatile than a gas grill like a propane-powered panini press.

Propane-powered panini presses heat more evenly, carries a more authentic grilling flavor to the food they make, and works for more than just paninis. They can cook everything from delicious sandwiches to a perfectly even hamburger.

The Versatility of Propane-Powered Panini Presses

A panini press is extremely versatile. It can double as a miniature grill in a pinch. A panini grill works for cooking a hamburger to perfection or grilling delicious chicken breasts that need that panini-specific seared look on both sides.

Brats or hot dogs can go on a panini press. Typically the press would stay open for this type of grilling.

A gas-powered panini press could also be the most innovative way to cook ribs. A small rib rack will fit on most panini presses. The lid can close for these; just make sure to clean up well if you smother the ribs in barbeque sauce.

A Sandwich Made on a Panini Press

There are plenty of other sandwiches and food items that are simply made better by cooking them on the panini press:

  • Hot ham and cheese
  • Monte Cristo
  • Grilled cheese
  • Turkey Sandwich
  • Cheesy steak sandwich
  • Hashbrowns
  • Fried egg sandwiches

Since a panini press closes, it can cook evenly from both sides. With no flipping required, it cuts down cooking time significantly, and the result should be a more evenly-cooked piece of meat or sandwich.

No More Boring Sandwiches

The panini is different from a regular grilled sandwich. You make a panini with lightly-oiled Italian bread lightly brushed with oil stuffed with meat, cheese, and various vegetables.

The panini grill features slight ridges on both the top and bottom sides. These ridges appear in the panini, giving it that signature grilled look that makes a panini so recognizable.

A Panini Breakfast Sandwich

A standard sandwich maker is a little different than a panini grill. The primary difference is a sandwich maker has a flat top and bottom while a panini grill has ridges. Although the sandwich is still technically grilled, it lacks the personality delivered by a panini press. The result of this is a very basic, boring product.

Panini Presses: Quick Comparison

There are many panini press options, but only a few are propane-powered. Most companies are quick to release electric panini presses. Finding a propane-powered panini press takes a little more searching.

The Remta Makina

The propane-powered from Remta Makina is commercial-grade and constructed of  stainless steel and cast iron - making cleaning the panini press a breeze.. It’s a hefty piece of equipment with non-stick plates and various settings for different levels of grilling capacity.

Avantco P75SG

Another panini grill that works best with LP is the Avantvo commercial-grade panini grill. The panini press features a grooved top plate and a smooth bottom plate. Gas-powered grills like the Avantco deliver the heat supply more evenly than electric options.

Quick Buying Guide

When looking for a top-shelf propane-powered panini grill, keep a few essential details in mind:

  • Gas-powered panini grills generally heat more evenly than electric ones
  • Ensure it has built-in temperature control
  • Choose non-stick plates, which are easier to clean
  • Choose a panini grill with a floating hinge
  • Check out the safety ratings to ensure there are no recalls

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