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How Long Do Dishwasher Pods Last?

Dishwasher pods don't last indefinitely - use them before they expire
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How Much Do Dishwashers Weigh?

Dishwashers are bulky, awkward to move, and heavy
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How To Tell if Plastic Is Dishwasher Safe

Figuring out what types of containers are dishwasher safe
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What Causes Black Spots on Dishes in Dishwashers

Diagnosing the root cause of spotting on glasses in the dishwasher
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Winterizing Dishwashers

How to safely winterize your dishwasher for the season
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Are Ceramic Bowls Microwave Safe?

Determining which ceramic containers are microwave safe
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Are Metal Bowls Microwave Safe?

Be safe and keep metal out of the microwave
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Can A Freezer Be Plugged Into An Extension Cord?

Don't use an extension cord to steer clear of fire risk and food spoilage
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What is a Lowboy Fridge?

Commonly found in commercial kitchens, lowboys make food prep handy
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