Do Refrigerator Blankets Provide Insulation?

April 30, 2022
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You Don’t Need (or Want) a Specialized Insulation Blanket for Your Fridge.

Photo of a man with a blanket peering into a refrigerator

Keep the blanket - your fridge doesn’t need it

Do refrigerator blankets provide insulation? It’s a fair question. Most people don’t think of an insulation blanket as necessary for equipment like a refrigerator. It doesn’t really make sense to use a refrigerator blanket except in commercial transportation and power outages.

Should I Put Blankets on My Home Refrigerator?

No. Your fridge is already designed to provide optimal chilling of its your food without the aid of an insulating blanket. A power outage is a major game-changer that prevents a refrigerator from working as it is designed.

Photo of a woman during a power outage

If power is going to be out for a long time during warm weather, you may need to protect the contents of your refrigerator

An extended power outage can result in food spoilage. If your refrigerator isn’t receiving power, and you expect this condition to last for an extended period of time, it may make sense to wrap your refrigerator in insulating materials. Heat is obviously the enemy in this situation, and any insulation material - even blankets - can help to keep the warmth out of your freezer and your fridge. This may help to keep the contents of your refrigerator cold enough to preserve your food until power returns.

Be sure to not cover your refrigerator vents or else it can result in higher humidity and less airflow exchange - both of which can have a negative impact on your fridge.

Refrigerator Blankets for Commercial Applications

Blanket insulation is an effective means of improving the efficiency of a refrigerator or a refrigerator truck. An extra layer of protection is often needed for anything transported over long distances, especially if the product needs to be kept at a specific temperature. Photo of a refrigerated truck

Refrigerator blankets for insulation purposes are used in commercial transportation

Moving forward, we’re going to look at a couple of essential features, including:

  • Insulation materials that work
  • Blanket alternatives
  • The use of a refrigerator blanket
  • Related products

Materials and Function

Manufacturers can make refrigerator blankets from a variety of materials. Their primary purpose is to provide insulation for food and temperature-sensitive products, helping to keep them at the right temperature, mainly during travel.

A refrigerator blanket may help keep objects preserved longer during travel. Often, these blankets are made with material that is specially designed by various companies to excel at temperature regulation.


Polyurethane foam is one of the critical materials used for refrigerators and freezers for insulation and temperature preservation. Refrigerator trucks often use some kind of foam insulation to preserve food in transport.

A refrigerator blanket works in conjunction with the insulation built into a refrigerator or a refrigerator truck. Morgan Advanced Materials is one manufacturing company that specializes in super wool fibers for thermal insulation blankets.

These lightweight fiber blankets are manufactured with a tight weave, making them nearly impervious to tears or breaks. They are even considered resistant to chemicals.

These blankets are considered high performance and play a significant role in regulating and maintaining temperatures for all applications. You can use them to protect products, equipment, or even people.

With a flexible multi-use function, these blankets from Morgan Advanced Materials make transporting refrigerated goods much more accessible, especially over long distances.

Other refrigerator blankets might be made of mineral wool, a flexible material that replaced asbestos in the insulation industry. Mineral wool contains chemically inert mineral fibers that allow it to provide insulation without posing any health concerns.


The right refrigerator blanket will help keep food shipments at the right temperature during travel. This preserves the items, but it also keeps customers satisfied and shippers free from the burden of lawsuits or unpaid bills.

Refrigerator trucks are fitted with wall insulation to provide maximum protection for transported foods. Refrigerator blankets add an extra layer of protection that is often necessary for long-haul transportation.

When refrigerated items need to be transported, the best thing is to give them all the insulation possible. This is especially true for delicate items.

Related Products

Refrigerator blankets are not the only industrial-type blankets or covers that exist globally. Several other similar products made from similar materials do a specific job for equipment like dishwashers and freezers.

Dishwasher Insulation

Dishwasher insulation is more about keeping the noise and vibrations to a minimum. Anyone who has ever had a noisy dishwasher knows how annoying it can be to try to hear anything above the sound of it banging and clunking around.

Dishwashers are usually installed with insulation that goes above and around the dishwasher. It is referred to as a "dishwasher insulation blanket".

Dishwasher insulation is primarily made of fiberglass, felt, or foam. The material must be waterproof, so ceramic fiber is a standard option.

The insulation exists in the wall or cabinet around the dishwasher and sometimes in the dishwasher door. You can also find dishwasher insulation blankets.

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