What are Wall Toasters?

September 28, 2022
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A Convenient, Counter Space Saving Toaster Configuration

You are a fan of toast. You eat them almost every day. And you’ve heard about wall toasters, but you have no idea what they are.

The fact is that they are growing in popularity,  and more and more people are asking themselves, what are wall toasters? Those curious can read on to learn more about wall toasters, how they are installed, their benefits, and how they compare with other kinds of toasters.

Understanding Wall Toasters

Wall toasters are devices for toasting food installed inside of one’s kitchen wall. Most wall toasters are installed at eye level; they are easy to use and access. Some mount wall toasters under a shelf or cabinet, similar to how one would install a wall-mounted microwave under a cabinet and above a stove.

Wall toaster installation is simple; toasters usually come with installation directions and hardware. If the wall toaster you are installing requires hardwiring into your home’s electrical system, you will want to bring in outside help for installation.

What Are the Features of Wall Toasters?

Wall toasters offer many excellent features users love. Like most toasters, wall toasters have settings for how dark you want to toast the food you place in the toaster.

Convection wall toasters are unique among toasters in their efficient, powered-air design. They use a steady stream of air produced by a high-powered fan inside the toaster. This moves hot air around, toasting food for a more even cooking on all sides. Most convection wall toasters are more efficient than non-convection wall toasters, cooking food faster and using less energy.

Another great feature of wall toasters is their many settings. With wall toasters, you will find settings for defrosting, reheating, and toasting bagels. Defrost settings on wall toasters can thaw frozen bread without toasting it all the way through.

The reheat setting on wall toasters can bring leftover food back to a hot temperature without toasting or browning it. Finally, if your wall toaster has a bagel setting, this will allow your food to toast on only one side without toasting the other.

How Do Wall Toasters Compare With Other Toasters?

Wall toasters are unique among toasters because of their wall-mount design. You will find that mounting and installation are the primary differences between wall toasters and other kinds of toasters.

As discussed, wall toasters usually require the help of an installation professional who can hardwire the device into your home’s electrical. Countertop toasters, by contrast, sit on a countertop and plug into a standard outlet, requiring no installation help from a professional.

Another difference you will likely find between wall toasters and other kinds of toasters are slots for slices. Most wall toasters are similar to a toaster oven, with a door for placing food inside. Countertop toasters, however, usually feature slots for inserting bread slices or bagels.

Finally, wall toasters are more beneficial than countertop toasters because they stay up and out of the way. For small homes or those living with little to no counter space, this is a great feature of wall toasters. You can keep your countertops clear for cooking and preparing food while your wall toaster toasts food up and out of the way of your counters.

If you have lots of countertop space, you probably won’t be bothered with calling someone to just install a toaster. But if you have a tiny kitchen, it might be worth the effort.

History of Wall Toasters

Now that you know the answer to “what are wall toasters?” Let’s talk about history. The first wall toaster introduced on the market was the Modern Maid KBT-100. This retro toaster featured four slots for toasting bread and measured about 14.5 inches long by 8 inches tall. While the Modern Maid KBT-100 is no longer commercially sold new, it is possible to find used and refurbished versions of this vintage toaster on eBay and other resell sites.

Today, you can find more modern versions of wall toasters available for your home. One wall toaster many contemporary users love is the Slim Toaster from Muzaffer Kocer and Ayca Guven. This ultra-compact toaster mounts directly to one’s kitchen wall and features a small, thin design.

This wall toaster has the capacity for toasting one slice of bread at a time. You place the bread at the top of the wall toaster and it slowly slides through the toasting mechanism. When this wall toaster finishes, the toasted slice of bread will emerge from the bottom slot, ready to eat.

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