What is an Undercounter Freezer? A Comprehensive Guide

July 20, 2023
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What Is an Undercounter Freezer?

An undercounter freezer is a kitchen appliance designed to save space. As the name suggests, this type of freezer fits snugly under your kitchen counter, making it a practical solution for smaller kitchens. This type of freezer is generally the same size as a standard under-counter dishwasher, providing a compact freezing unit without taking up too much space.

Your undercounter freezer can be either freestanding or integrated. Freestanding models are usually easy to install, while integrated ones blend seamlessly with your kitchen cabinets. These freezers come in various sizes, typically ranging from 82-86cm high, 50-60cm wide, and 50-63cm deep. When choosing one, always double-check that it will fit the available space in your kitchen.

An undercounter freezer allows you to have all of your frozen items within easy reach for food preparation

With an undercounter freezer, you can store frozen goods like meals, meats, and desserts within easy reach. Some models feature full-extension baskets that slide out smoothly for easy access, even when holding heavy items. This makes it more convenient for you to organize and access your frozen items.

Types of Undercounter Freezers

As you explore undercounter freezers, you may come across various types suited for different needs. In this section, we'll discuss compact freezers, chest freezers, frost-free freezers, and outdoor freezers.

Compact Freezer

A compact freezer is a small, space-saving option perfect for tight spaces. Often, these units are the same size as a standard under-counter dishwasher, fitting snugly under your kitchen countertop. This type of freezer is ideal if you have limited room and need additional storage for frozen items.

Chest Freezer

A chest freezer offers ample storage for large items like turkeys and roasts. With more capacity than other under-counter freezers, chest freezers are excellent for those who require extra space.

Frost-Free Freezer

Frost-free freezers prevent ice buildup, which means you won't need to defrost the unit regularly. By providing consistent temperatures, frost-free freezers help preserve the quality of your frozen foods. This type of freezer also saves you time and effort by eliminating the need for manual defrosting.

Outdoor Freezer

Outdoor freezers are designed to withstand the elements, allowing you to store frozen items outside your home. If you have limited indoor space or entertain guests often, an outdoor under-counter freezer can be a practical addition. These units are built to handle various weather conditions while keeping your food items safe and frozen.

Key Features and Benefits

Erin from Don's Appliances Goes Over the Benefits of Having an Under Counter Freezer Drawer

When selecting an undercounter freezer, explore the features and benefits that matter most. In this section, we'll discuss storage capacity, energy efficiency, dimensions, ventilation, and the advantages of a self-contained unit.

Storage Capacity

Consider your typical storage needs and the capacity of the freezer you're evaluating. Most undercounter freezers have a capacity of up to six cubic feet - although most are betweeen 2 and 4 cubic feet. Make sure the model you choose can accommodate your frozen goods while allowing for air circulation to maintain temperature.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient freezers can help reduce your overall utility costs. Look for models with high energy ratings or ENERGY STAR certifications. The energy rating of freezers and their noise output can influence your decision.

Dimensions and Space Requirements

Undercounter freezers come in various sizes to suit your kitchen layout. Measure the dimensions of the available space under your counter and compare it with the dimensions of the freezer you're considering.


Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining consistent temperatures and prolonging the life of your freezer. Make sure your undercounter freezer has adequate space for airflow and clearance from nearby appliances.

Self-Contained Unit

Self-contained undercounter freezers have the refrigeration components built-in, simplifying installation and maintenance. These freezers are an excellent choice for locations where space is limited or primary refrigeration is not accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between undercounter and freestanding freezer?

An undercounter freezer fits below your kitchen counter, saving space without sacrificing storage. A freestanding freezer, on the other hand, is a standalone unit you can place anywhere.

Undercounter freezers tend to be more expensive but offer convenience in smaller spaces. Freestanding freezers come in various sizes and capacities and usually cost less.

Can you put a freezer under a counter?

Yes, you can put an undercounter freezer under your kitchen counter. These freezers are designed to fit into tight spaces, providing you with additional frozen food storage without taking up too much room.

Before purchasing an undercounter freezer, measure your available space to ensure it will fit properly. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation for optimal performance.

How long does an under-counter freezer last?

Undercounter freezers, like most appliances, have varying lifespans depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and brand quality. In general, a well-maintained undercounter freezer may last around 10 to 20 years.

To extend your freezer's lifespan, clean it regularly, check the door seal, and avoid overloading it with items. Following the manufacturer's guidelines will also help maintain optimal performance.

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