Are There Personal Blenders That Crush Ice?

July 11, 2022
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Personal Blenders with the Power to Crush Ice

How many times have you purchased a personal blender for its quick and easy convenience, assuming that because of its price, it would meet all of your needs?

How many times have you added ice to a blender and it made a noise so horrifying that you thought you broke your blender?

Many assume that all personal blenders can crush and blend anything and that the more it costs, the better it will blend, but that’s not necessarily true! There are some personal blenders solely for crushing ice and frozen food while other personal blenders are lacking in their abilities.

Personal Blenders vs. Countertop Blenders

The main differences between a personal blender and a regular countertop blender are their convenience and their effectiveness. After blending a drink in a countertop blender, people must pour their smoothies or other frozen drinks into a cup. The blender, along with any cups they use, means more dishes to wash afterward.

Photo of a Personal Blender Serving CupPersonal Blenders are Great for Single Serving Drinks

On top of this, it can be challenging to ensure the right amount of ingredients is used to avoid any wasted smoothie. Additionally, these large appliances can take up a lot of countertop space. Without enough research, many assume countertop blenders are more effective because they’re larger and more popular.

With personal blenders, people can drink their smoothies or frozen drinks directly from the blender cup in which they blended their drink. This convenience means they do not have to worry about the hassle of extra dishes or wasted food.

A personal blender can encourages people to blend more whole foods, helping them live a healthier lifestyle. Another added benefit is that personal blenders take up much less space than the standard countertop blender. They’re also easily accessible which can also encourage people to use them more often.

Overall, personal blenders are more convenient for those with a fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle who still want to be healthy. A personal blender is a very portable blender that you can actually take with you when yout ravel.

How To Use a Personal Blender

To many people, using a personal blender is much less complicated than the standard countertop blender. The sole purpose of a personal blender is to be quick, easy, and serve one person at a time.

Once all the ingredients are added to the cup along with ice, simply tighten the lid with the blade facing down. Then, reconnect the cup to the base of the personal blender, and turn it on.

The settings and wattage will determine how long it takes for all ingredients to blend successfully. This factor is why a personal blender must have an ice-crushing feature.

Why Is Adding Ice to a Personal Blender Necessary?

Creating the perfect smoothie or any other blended drink using a personal blender can be tricky for some people. Ice is an essential ingredient in any frozen, blended beverage. However, ice can be difficult to work with since not all blenders can handle it.

Adding ice to a personal blender makes smoothies colder, smoother, and more enjoyable to drink. It is a common misconception that frozen fruit or vegetables alone will create a smoothie with the perfect consistency, but that is not always true. Ice is nearly always necessary to add the extra thickness seen in quality smoothies. Additionally, some recipes such as ice cream and milkshakes, call for ice in the recipe.

For this reason, consumers should pick a personal blender that can crush ice as easily as it blends fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. Unless consumers are simply trying to use fresh fruits and vegetables to make juice (which calls for a juicer, not a personal blender), a personal blender must be able to crush ice.

What Can You Make In a Personal Blender Using Ice?

There are a plethora of shakes and smoothies people make with countertop and personal blenders. Incorporating a personal blender into cooking and drink-making takes creativity, but it can make creating the perfect beverage easy and enjoyable.

The Breville Boss to Go Personal Blender

In particular, personal blenders make serving drinks much simpler. Indeed, more recipes require ice than many people think. Some of the most popular recipes for personal blenders requiring ice are:

  • Milkshakes
  • Protein shakes
  • Ice cream
  • Smoothies
  • Smoothie bowls
  • Frappuccinos
  • Slushies

Factors To Consider When Picking the Best Personal Blender for Crushing Ice

Finding and purchasing the right personal blender that can crush ice can be overwhelming to some, but it doesn’t have to be. Many countertop and personal blenders simply don’t get the job done, which is why you should consider these key factors before making a purchase.


Wattage is the measure of electrical power that a product may have. Generally speaking, a higher wattage means a more powerful blender. When considering personal blenders, the number of watts it has will determine how powerful an appliance will be. A personal blender must be strong enough so that it can crush ice.


The number of settings on a personal blender is equally as important as wattage when considering crushing ice. Some personal blenders only have one setting. This factor may affect how well it blends ice or how the end product turns out.

Personal blenders with multiple settings allow the consumer to speed up the blending process, which can determine whether or not ice gets crushed.


The amount and size of the blades are also important. Some personal blenders have more blades than others, which can determine how well ice gets crushed.

Additionally, some personal blenders have sharper blades than others. You really need a very sharp blade in order to effectively slice through frozen ingredients and ice cubes in order to get that perfectly blended frozen drink.

Consumers need to inspect the blades on the potential blender they are purchasing to ensure it has at least four blades and that they are not dull.

Best Personal Blenders That Crush Ice

There are so many different personal blenders on the market that all serve different purposes. For this reason, it is easy for consumers to become overwhelmed with choices. For example, some personal blenders are great at blending frozen fruits and vegetables for smoothies but not so great at crushing ice.

On the other hand, some other personal blenders may be great at crushing ice but not so great at blending frozen foods.

Hard-working consumers want to ensure that they are getting their money’s worth and purchasing the items that will best fit their needs. As stated earlier, personal blenders that can crush ice should be a non-negotiable and imperative requirement for consumers.

To date, three of the best personal blenders for crushing ice are the Ninja Compact Personal Blender, the Magic Bullet Personal Blender, and the Nutribullet High-Speed Personal Blender. If you're looking for the best blender for your ice crushing needs, one of these should do the trick.

Ninja Compact Personal Blender

The Ninja Compact Personal Blender is one of the best personal blenders on the market and is available anywhere that sells kitchen appliances. The Ninja Kitchen Appliance brand overall has a high rating, and the name is reputable. Consumers can trust this product to deliver great performance on every amenity offered.

The Ninja Nutri Blender

Not only does this personal blender quickly and easily crush ice, but it also works wonders with frozen fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients for the perfect smoothies and desserts.

The Ninja Compact Personal Blender is extremely powerful. With around 700 watts, this blender ensures ingredients, including ice, are blended perfectly. These features make this specific personal blender one of the most distinguished and strongest competitors on the market.

Magic Bullet Personal Blender

The Magic Bullet Personal Blender is another popular, highly-rated personal blender by Magic Bullet for crushing ice in any form. Like the Ninja, the stainless steel MagicBullet is highly reputable and easily recognizable.

Magic Bullet Blender

In addition to crushing ice, this personal blender turns frozen fruit (and non-frozen fruits) and vegetables into smoothies and other drinks. While this personal blender is smaller and more compact, it can deliver a quality finished product while working at just 200 watts to accomplish its goal.

Nutribullet High-Speed Personal Blender

Last but not least, the Nutribullet High-Speed Personal Blender specializes in making nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothies. It can also handle denser foods such as nuts, raisins, and crushed ice. This versatility can expand a consumer's creativity and recipe list.

Like the Ninja and Magic Bullet, the Nutribullet is an easily recognizable, reputable name. Consumers will be able to trust them to deliver high-quality performing appliances. This personal blender is small but mighty. It works cohesively with its blades at 600 watts to ensure every ingredient is crushed and blended to perfection.

Personal Blender FAQs

Here are some more frequently asked questions about personal blenders.

Will ice damage my personal blender?

Like with any purchase, it’s important to ensure you’re buying a product that will stand up to the task. Some blenders will incur damage if you attempt to blend ice drinks. This risk makes it doubly important for consumers to research personal blenders.

What else can you make with a personal blender?

In addition to crushing ice and making smoothies, personal blenders can also make sauces, dips, dressings, nut butter, frozen desserts, and mixed drinks. They’re perfect for when you want a smaller batch or single serving of your chosen meal.

How do you care for your personal blender?

Regardless of what you use your personal blender to make, it’s important to take care of your blender to ensure it functions properly. After each use, clean and wash the blender and ensure the blades are still sharp. Occasionally, these blades may need replacing to keep your personal blender running smoothly.

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