Can You Use an Old Freezer for Storage? Essential Facts to Know

July 20, 2023
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Benefits of Using Old Freezers for Storage

Repurposing an old freezer can offer several advantages for you. In this section, we'll discuss space utilization and temperature regulation as key benefits.

Space Utilization

Your old, unused deep freezer (whether a chest freezer or upright freezer) takes up a lot of room. Instead of tossing them out, you can convert them into a pantry or storage cabinet. By doing so, you can make the most of the space they occupy. Your old freezer can hold items such as canned goods, dry food, and kitchen tools. This organizational use can help you declutter your kitchen and maximize available storage.

Your Old Chest Freezer Can be Converted into a Storage Box

Temperature Regulation

Old chest freezers are designed to maintain cold temperatures, which can work to your advantage even when the freezer is no longer functional. The thermal insulation of a chest freezer can help maintain a stable temperature inside, making it perfect for storing items that require protection from temperature fluctuations, like candles or batteries.

Additionally, you can use an old chest freezer as a makeshift cooler during outdoor events or picnics, keeping your food and drinks cold for a longer time.

This video by Whirlpool demonstrates how to regulate your freezer’s temperature

Considerations for Storage Use

If you're thinking about using an old chest freezer or refrigerator for storage, there are some factors to consider. These include safety precautions and ensuring items you store won't spoil or get damaged.

Shane from Shane Drives! Converts and Old Upright Freezer to a Storage Cabinet

Safety Precautions

Before repurposing your old freezer, take the following steps:

  • Remove the door latch mechanism to prevent trapping accidents.
  • Make sure the freezer is clean and free of odors or mold.
  • Inspect the external parts and wiring for damages that might risk safety - unless you’re experienced with electronics, get help in dealing with electrical components. Freezers often times have capacitors which can deliver a very dangerous shock - even when the device isn’t plugged in

After addressing safety issues, think about the conditions inside the storage space. Is it dry or humid? Does it get too hot or cold? Depending on the items you plan to store, you might need to make additional adjustments.

For example, if you want to use an old chest freezer as a pantry, ensure it's dry and cool. This way, you keep mice and bugs out, as well as prevent spoilage. According to, proper temperatures are essential for keeping foods safe and maintaining their quality.

Now you're prepared to use your old chest freezer for storage - or if you're feeling really adventurous, you can use a chest freezer for an ice bath. Whether it's for dry goods, drinks, or other items, make sure it's a safe and suitable environment for your needs.

Storage Ideas

Transform your old freezer into a storage space for various items. You won’t even have to worry about going through that all day manual defrost process anymore when your freezer is now used for dry goods storage. Let's explore some ideas for repurposing it.

Dry Food Storage

An old freezer can function as a root cellar for storing food. Clean the inside and add shelves for proper organization. Create airtight containers for items, like grains and canned goods. Your freezer-turned-root-cellar helps keep food fresh, safe, and organized.

Entertainment and Party Supplies

Store party supplies and entertainment items inside the repurposed freezer. Organize tableware, decorations, and games. The storage space ensures you can find everything you need for your next get-together.

Adding Shelves and Storage Containers

One way to utilize an old freezer is by adding shelves inside. This can create a handy storage space for various items. First, measure the interior of your freezer. Then, cut pieces of sturdy material like plywood or metal to fit.

Attach the shelves at even intervals to make use of the vertical space. Bracket or L-shape supports are a good choice for this purpose. Finally, you can place storage containers or bins on the shelves to keep your items organized.

Converting into a Workbench or a Table

This conversion can only be done with a chest freezer (not an old upright freezer). Another great use for an old freezer is turning it into a workbench. You can either use the existing freezer door or you can remove the door.

Next, make a strong and level surface for the top of the workbench by cutting a piece of plywood or metal to the same size as the outside dimensions of the freezer.

Attach the work surface to the top of the freezer using sturdy brackets and screws. Make sure the surface is secure and does not wobble.

Lastly, add any necessary storage or organization features like hooks, pegboards, or cabinets on the sides of the freezer to keep tools and supplies neat and within reach.

Just make sure that you don’t exceed weight limitations for your workbench or table. Shore up the surface of your freezer work bench from inside the old freezer if needed.

By transforming your old freezer, you can make the most of what you have while saving money and reducing waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will address some frequently asked questions regarding using an old freezer for storage.

Can an old freezer be used as a root cellar?

Yes, you can use an old freezer as a root cellar for storing fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items. It is essential to ensure proper ventilation and maintain an appropriate temperature range to prevent spoilage.

To achieve this, follow these steps:
- Clean the old freezer thoroughly.
- Remove the door or create vent holes for air circulation.
- Place the freezer in a cool, dark area.
- Monitor the temperature and humidity levels regularly.

By following these steps, you can effectively repurpose your old freezer as a root cellar and extend the shelf life of perishable items.

Can I Use My Old Refrigerator for Storage?

Much like an old freezer, you can also use your old fridge for storage. The vertical layout of an old refrigerator makes it best suited for a pantry type storage of dry goods. You’ll want to clean out the fridge and position it in a logical location where you can access the goods you need.

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