How to Microwave Hot Dogs: A Quick and Tasty Guide

September 11, 2023
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Microwaving Hot Dogs Made Easy

Microwaving hot dogs is a quick and easy way to enjoy a tasty snack or meal. With just a few simple steps, you can have juicy hot dogs ready to eat in no time. Perfect for busy days or when you're in the mood for a convenient bite, microwaving hot dogs saves you time without sacrificing flavor.

First, grab your hot dogs and a microwave-safe plate. The key to keeping your microwaved hot dogs juicy is to wrap them in a paper towel, which soaks up any moisture released during cooking. Simply place your hot dog in the center of the paper towel and fold the other edges to cover the hot dog entirely.

Next, lay your wrapped hot dogs on the microwave-safe plate, making sure to give each one some space. This helps ensure they cook evenly. Now it's time to start cooking! Heat your hot dogs in the microwave in one-minute increments, checking for doneness after each session. When they're plump and hot, they're ready to eat.

Choosing Hot Dogs

Type and Quality

When microwaving hot dogs, it's important to select the right type and quality. There are several options to consider, including:

  • Beef: Typically higher in quality and flavor, beef hot dogs are a popular choice.
  • Pork: Often less expensive than beef, pork hot dogs still offer great taste.
  • Chicken: A leaner option, chicken hot dogs can be enjoyable for those looking for a lighter meal.
  • Turkey: Similar to chicken, turkey hot dogs provide a lean alternative and a distinct flavor.

In addition to the type of meat, consider the quality of the hot dogs. Look for brands that use quality ingredients and have good customer reviews. You can also choose between traditional and gourmet hot dogs, which may feature unique flavors and seasonings.

Vacuum Sealed and refrigerated, hot dogs can last for quite a long time


When it comes to packaging, you have a few options:

  • Vacuum-sealed: These hot dogs have a longer shelf life and can be microwaved directly in the packaging. However, you should open the package after microwaving to allow steam to escape.
  • Resealable pouches: Hot dogs in resealable pouches can be stored for an extended period after opening. You'll need to remove the hot dog from the pouch before microwaving, and can put extras in an airtight container.
  • Loose hot dogs: Often found at specialty or gourmet shops, loose hot dogs should be wrapped in a paper towel or placed on a microwave-safe plate when microwaving.

Whichever packaging type you choose, make sure to follow the cooking instructions provided on the product label or use microwave guidelines to ensure proper heating.

Preparing Hot Dogs for Microwaving

Piercing Hot Dogs

Before microwaving hot dogs, it's important to pierce them with a fork or knife. This prevents them from bursting during the cooking process. Make a few small cuts on each hot dog, being careful not to make them too deep.

Paper Towels

Using paper towels is a great way to keep your microwave clean and make the hot dogs juicy. First, remove the hot dogs from their plastic packaging. Next, wrap each hot dog in a paper towel. This collects the moisture as they cook. Place the wrapped hot dogs on a microwave-safe plate or directly in the microwave if you prefer.

When cooking multiple hot dogs, line them up on the plate with a little space between each. This allows for even cooking. Microwave the hot dogs for 1-2 minutes on high heat, depending on your microwave wattage. Make sure to check them after each minute to see if they are hot and plump.

If you decide to microwave hot dog buns, simply poke a small hole in a quart-size ziplock bag, sprinkle a few drops of water inside, and seal the hot dog bun in the bag. Microwave on high for 5 seconds, checking to see if the toasted bun is warm enough. If not, repeat the process until the desired warmth is reached.

Microwaving is a quick and easy was to heat your delicious hot dog

Microwave Settings and Cook Time

Power Levels

When microwaving hot dogs, it's essential to choose the right power level. Most microwaves have variable power settings, so it's crucial to select the best one for your hot dogs. Generally, the ideal power level for cooking hot dogs in the microwave is 70–80% of your microwave's maximum power. This ensures that the hot dogs cook evenly without overcooking or becoming rubbery.


The cooking time for hot dogs in the microwave depends on the number of hot dogs you're cooking and the microwave's power. Here's a simple guideline for cooking hot dogs in the microwave:

  • 1 hot dog: Cook for 30 to 40 seconds.
  • 2 hot dogs: Cook for 60 to 70 seconds.
  • 3 or more hot dogs: Cook for 90 seconds or more, checking for doneness every 30 seconds.

Do note that these times may differ depending on your specific microwave. It's always a good idea to keep an eye on your hot dogs and adjust the cooking time if needed. Remember to place your hot dogs on a microwave-safe plate, lined with a paper towel and space them apart for even cooking. Here is a reference guide on how to make a hot dog in the microwave.

Remember to be cautious when removing the hot dogs from the microwave, as they can be hot and steamy. Allow them to cool for a few moments before enjoying your microwaved hot dogs.

Cooking Multiple Hot Dogs

Even Spacing

When cooking multiple hot dogs in the microwave, be sure to lay them flat on a microwave-safe plate with a paper towel underneath. Space them out evenly to ensure proper cooking. Keep a small gap between each hot dog, which allows them to cook uniformly.

Adjusting Time

The microwave time should be adjusted according to the number of hot dogs being cooked. For a single hot dog, microwaving it for 45 seconds to 1 minute on high should suffice. However, for multiple hot dogs, increase the cooking time to 1 minute and 30 seconds up to 2 minutes.

During the cooking process, it's essential to turn the hot dogs halfway through so they heat evenly. Regular checks using a food thermometer will ensure the hot dogs reach the appropriate internal temperature.

The process of cooking the perfect hot dog in a microwave oven.

Serve and Enjoy


When it comes to a hot dog, the choice of your favorite toppings can make all the difference. Here are some popular options to consider:

  • Ketchup and mustard: the classic combo.
  • Relish adds a tangy, sweet contrast.
  • Sauerkraut provides a savory, sour flavor.
  • Onions: try raw, pickled, or caramelized for an extra kick.
  • Chili: transform your hot dog into a chili dog.
  • Cheese: go for grated cheddar or a slice of American cheese.
  • Coleslaw: mix up textures with a crunchy, creamy addition.

There are many topping options for hot dogs- ketchup and mustard are classic choices

Side Dishes

Pair your microwave hot dog as the main dish with one or more of these tasty side dishes:

  • French fries or sweet potato fries: a tried-and-true pairing.
  • Potato salad: opt for creamy, mustard-based, or vinegar-based versions.
  • Baked beans bring a hearty, savory complement to your hot dog.
  • Pickles: add a tangy crunch to balance out the meal.
  • Grilled vegetables: enjoy a healthy, flavorful side option.
  • Corn on the cob is a barbecue classic that complements hot dogs well.
  • Chips: for a crunchy, simple side, try classic, barbecue, or kettle-cooked varieties.

After microwaving your hot dog, simply add your desired toppings and serve with a side dish or two. Whether you prefer a simple approach or like to pile on the toppings, there's no denying the delicious convenience of a microwave hot dog. Enjoy your tasty meal!

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