Can You Put Metal in the Freezer?

May 23, 2022
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It Seems Like This Should be Just Fine, Right?

Can you put metal in the freezer? The answer might surprise you. Whether you’re dealing with a stainless steel pot, a metal water bottle, or simply a piece of metal, it’s good to research if the metal is safe in the freezer before putting it in one.

It’s fitting to wonder how metal might react in a freezer, especially when stainless steel is the material for so many pans and containers. You may not think of putting a metal pan in your freezer, but what about a water bottle?

With these things in mind, it becomes evident that a quick look at what’s safe to put in a freezer and not might be beneficial. After all, the last thing you want to do is freeze something that you should not freeze.

Extensive research has informed every aspect of this article. We have spent plenty of time looking into the issue and studying reliable sources.

So whether you’re dealing with a metal container, aluminum foil, or a stainless steel container, you can get a good idea of how safe it is to put metal in the freezer.

With more of the world moving away from plastic food storage, using metal or glass containers proves a safe and eco-friendly choice.

In this article, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of why you might need to put metal in the freezer and how to navigate the world of frozen food.

Is It Safe To Put Metal In The Freezer?

So is it safe to put metal in the freezer? The answer is short and simple: yes. Metal can go in the freezer or the refrigerator without any issues.

Whether you’re using something like a metal ice cube tray, or a metal water bottle instead of a mason jar, you are perfectly safe to put metal in your freezer.

Photo of someone storing food in a freezer

Metal pans do just fine in the freezer - but make sure your food is packaged properly

If you use metal containers, make sure you leave enough room for the frozen food or liquid to expand. Otherwise, you could risk breaking your metal containers once the object inside has frozen completely.

Metal is generally considered a safe object to put in the freezer or even the refrigerator. The only time you’ll want to consider not putting metal in the freezer is if you have unopened metal cans or completely sealed metal containers.

The risk of the food inside expanding enough to cause the container or can to crack is much higher if the container is sealed or unopened. Usually, freezing food will expand slightly. So giving it an extra room in a stainless steel bowl or unsealed container will serve you better.

Benefits of Metal in the Freezer

There are many notable benefits to using metal in your freezer instead of something like plastic:

  • Metal is reusable and durable
  • Metal is more environmentally friendly than plastic
  • Plastic will likely stain easier than metal
  • Metal is generally easier to clean
  • The aesthetic of metal is much nicer than that of plastic

Another reason you may consider using metal in the freezer is to help your food cool faster. For example, if you have metal or aluminum pans, they can chill quickly in the freezer when food sits on them.

Cooling your food before you store it in the freezer is a recommended practice, so you may benefit from using a metal pan to help when you’re freezing food.

Metal pans can also help you freeze things individually before using plastic wrap or a glass jar to store them. By freezing items individually on a pan first, you can avoid the inconvenience of items sticking together when stored in the freezer.

A great example of this could be freezing bananas. Everyone loves a good frozen banana to add to smoothies. But freezing them can be a pain, especially if you have an entire bundle that’s about to go wrong.

A stainless steel pan or baking sheet is a great tool to make the freezing process easier. You can space the peeled bananas out on the pan, stick them in the freezer, and get each banana frozen solid before transferring it to a freezer-safe bag or container.

In these circumstances, using metal in the freezer is more than simply acceptable; it’s more convenient and helpful than using other kitchen equipment.

Can You Freeze Metal Food Containers?

Metal food containers are an excellent addition to any container cabinet. They’re easy to clean, look nice, and are more eco-friendly than plastic. So having a few metals or stainless steel containers around for food storage is a great idea.

Another great way to use metal food containers is for freezer storage. As you’ve already seen, metal is a safe material to use in your freezer - and it’s particularly effective for storing food in the freezer.

Photo of bread in a flexible baking pan

With proper wrapping, the meal in this panl should do just fine in the freezer

Having a few metal food containers provides a simple and easy method for frozen food storage. It could even allow you to rid your entire house of plastic storage methods.

As long as the containers are food-safe, you should have no concerns about using them for food storage. Metal containers designed for food pose no health risks, even when used in the fridge or freezer.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different factors to consider when you’re trying to determine if the metal is safe to use in the freezer. By answering a few of the common questions, we can help you understand what works with metal containers in the freezer.

Photo of quiche in a metal pan

The quiche in this baking pan will do well in the freezer

Can You Freeze Food in Aluminum Foil?

You can freeze food in aluminum foil. Food-grade aluminum foil is tested and considered safe for food storage in the freezer. There are only two downsides to using aluminum foil in the freezer:

  • It’s fragile and prone to tearing
  • It could be more susceptible to letting air in

Besides these two concerns, there should be no issue using aluminum foil to store your frozen foods.

Can You Put A Stainless Steel Bowl in the Freezer?

Like any other food-safe metal container, there is no issue with putting a stainless steel bowl in the freezer. Freezing food in a stainless steel bowl before transferring it to a container may help reduce the chances of the container breaking.

If you freeze your food in a bowl before storing it in a container with a lid, your food items should have plenty of room to expand. Just beware of the food sticking to the stainless steel bowl! This will make keeping it easier once it is frozen.

Can You Freeze Milk in A Metal Container?

When using food-safe metal containers, you don’t need to worry about your food taking on any metallic flavor or odor. So freezing items like milk in a metal container is perfectly safe.

And since metal containers are typically easier to clean than plastic, they could prove to be more useful in the long run. The main thing to watch out for when you freeze foods or liquids is the expansion.

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