What Are Man Cave Refrigerator Wraps?

May 22, 2022
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Take Your Refrigerator to the Next Level

Everyone needs a place where they can chill out. For a lot of people, the man cave is the perfect solution. While some may not view it as the pinnacle of home decor, for others It's a little taste of heaven, decked out in all of your favorite gear with games and a bar.

And yet sometimes, one appliance sticks out like a sore thumb. The fridge. While a vital means to keep beers cold and snacks available, the outside is often dull and not expressive of the man cave mentality. That’s where refrigerator wraps come into play.

What are man cave refrigerator wraps? They’re a sticker-like covering that can show off your favorite brand, team, or hobby with style. This small and affordable change will take your setup to the next level.

In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about man cave refrigerator wraps:

  • How to Deck Out Your Man Cave
  • What Are Man Cave Refrigerator Wraps?
  • How Do Fridge Wraps Work?
  • Man Cave Refrigerator Wrap Designs
  • Sizes of Fridge Wraps

How to Deck Out Your Man Cave

If there’s one difference between a game room and a man cave, it’s the style. No man cave is complete without showing off some hobbies or interests. These are items that probably don't look great in your living room - but are well suited to your basement or even a garage.

That can be done in a million ways. For instance, show off your love for the local football team by painting the walls in their color. Get the guys together every week for another heated round of poker at your table.

Now there’s another option to deck out your refuge. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can turn that second garage refrigerator into the perfect centerpiece of your man cave bar with a fridge wrap.

What Are Man Cave Refrigerator Wraps?

Man cave refrigerator wraps can turn any dull fridge into a full-on power move. By printing your favorite logo or template onto a giant sticker-like covering, you can cover any fridge - or part of a fridge (like the fridge door) with your style.

The process of wrapping a refrigerator with a wrap

It doesn’t matter if you want to change the look of a mini fridge or transform a kitchen fridge, a wrap can take care of your needs. And it’ll turn anything into the perfect fridge that you’d be happy to grab a beer or drink out of.

They also have other benefits. Wraps are usually made from durable and scratch-resistant vinyl. Plus they’re easy to wipe down and keep clean.

How Do Fridge Wraps Work?

If you’re worried that you need to bust out a paintbrush or some heavy-duty epoxy, forget about it. Wraps are easy to install and can almost instantly transform your space to match the ideas you had from the start.

The only thing you need to know before ordering your fridge wrap is the size of the fridge you want to cover and the design you want on the wrap. Once you have those two things dialed down, you order the wrap and it can be shipped easily.

Once it arrives, follow the company's instructions for installation. That is usually a very quick process that involves making sure the fridge surface is nice and clean so it adheres well for years to come.

With a clean surface ready to go, you line up the corners and carefully stick the entire wrap over the front of your fridge. If you want to cover the sides, order enough wrap material to do so.

And that’s it! Stick it on and you’re ready to roll with the complete man cave kitchen transformation. You’ve just made your fridge better looking, more durable, and easier to clean.

Man Cave Refrigerator Wrap Designs

Here’s the best part. You can have almost any design you want put on fridge wraps. If you are short on ideas, you can look at the many existing designs offered by wrap producers.

Inspiration for refrigerator wraps

Some of the most popular options to add to your space are the logos of sports teams. You can find your favorite team on most of the major wrap suppliers, including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.

But maybe you already have a bar stool covered in sports logos and want to change it up. There are plenty of other options.

Since a lot of man cave fridges are stocked full with cans of beer and other beverages, maybe you want to put your favorite brand on the front of it. That’s a great idea that’s sure to transform somewhere into a true man cave.

You can also go with soda brands, like Coca-Cola, and you could even give it a retro design by making your fridge look like a classic coke dispenser. Even glass door fridges can be easily given a brand new appearance.

If you want, you could provide a photo of your own to print on the wrap. It could be a memory from the last trip to Vegas, the championship trophy of your hockey league, or any other moment in your life.

Sizes of Fridge Wraps

Many companies can provide custom-fitted solutions to fit any home bar or man cave fridge. While a lot of them already have specific dimensions based on your fridge's make and model, that’s not the end of the line.

If you can’t find the right size for your fridge, turn to custom-fitted options. You’ll want to break out the tape measure. And don’t forget the golden rule, “Measure twice, cut once.” After all, an improperly sized wrap isn’t something anyone wants.

No matter the size of your fridge, there is certain to be the right sized wrap to cover it and bring that punch of man cave style to the bar area.

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