What is a Lowboy Fridge?

May 22, 2022
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Different Types of Lowboys and Where You Might See Them

The names of kitchen appliances can start to get confusing. Some names are used in specific regions. When it comes to commercial kitchen equipment, there is no term shortage with fridges, dishwashers, and prep stations. What is a lowboy fridge?

Like many names, lowboy refers to an entire class of things. Lowboy fridge is an umbrella term, which includes specific models like chef base, worktop fridge, and undercounter fridge.

Thankfully we can clear things up. I’ve done the research and after reading all about refrigeration units, I am ready to share what the term lowboy fridge refers to.

In this post, we’re going to cover these key topics:

  • What is a Lowboy Fridge?
  • Types of Lowboy Fridges
    • Chef Bases
    • Worktop Refrigerator
    • Undercounter Fridge

What is a Lowboy Fridge?

A lowboy fridge is broad, used primarily incommercial kitchens to describe any low-profile refrigerator or freezer that fits under a counter or prep surface. There are many different types of lowboy refrigerators, and they can include many functions.

An under the counter lowboy refrigerator

Some might have prep tables, while others have an efficient ice machine. Some are next to a commercial dishwasher, and others are underneath a cooktop. Generally speaking, most save valuable space and serve as a food prep area on top with commercial refrigeration underneath.

Another benefit to lowboy fridges is their ability to keep prepped food nearby while still being refrigerated. It can save many steps back and forth to the fridge, saving a lot of time and providing better customer service.

Types of Lowboy Fridges

As we just discovered, a lowboy fridge refers to many types of short upright fridges or freezers found in many commercial kitchens. Let’s now go through a few of the more specific terms.

Chef Bases

Chef bases usually feature sliding fridge or freezer drawer units and are constructed to withhold significant weight on top with casters rather than wheels. Other heavy commercial equipment can go on top, providing an excellent combination of food storage underneath a cooking surface.

These are also known as refrigeration equipment stands. With an emphasis on equipment stands. Many have a turbo air system to keep the fridge cool even when a hot surface is just above.

Worktop Refrigerator

A worktop refrigerator is similar to a chef base. Instead of being reinforced to handle the weight of heavy equipment, they come with an integrated stainless steel worktop and backsplash. These are great examples of true manufacturing meeting kitchen needs.

The fridges are under the counter, often in traditional fridge hinge-door design. These are a solid choice for those who want to maximize space in a tight kitchen. Keep all of your kitchen tools nearby. Make cookies on top and keep the other food underneath.

Undercounter Fridge

Finally, a lowboy could also be any fridge or freezer designed to fit under the counter. Beverage Air makes a few of these models.

Commercial kitchens oftentimes have under the counter refrigeration

Usually less than 36 inches tall, these slide underneath any counter. They’re a great solution if you already have a prep table and need some fridge space under it.

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