LG French Door Freezer Not Freezing: A Troubleshooting Guide and Solutions

August 28, 2023
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Understanding the Basic Functioning of LG French Door Freezers

Your LG French door bottom freezer is vital in keeping your food fresh. It uses a cooling process that allows the freezer to maintain a consistent temperature. This process depends on the circulation of refrigerant, which absorbs heat from your food and transfers it outside the fridge.

To ensure optimal performance, your LG fridge needs regular maintenance. The condenser coils at the back or bottom of the fridge must be kept clean.

Dirt and debris can compromise the heat transfer process, making it difficult for the freezer to cool down and freeze items. You can clean the coils by vacuuming and brushing away dirt.

The auto-defrost feature is another essential aspect of your LG French door freezer's operation. The LG fridge automatically defrosts itself periodically, usually taking around 15-25 minutes.

During this time, the freezer will not cool, so don't be alarmed if you notice a slight temperature increase or warm air.

If your freezer still has issues, ensure that the display or demo mode is turned off, as it can disable the cooling system and prevent proper functioning. Turning it off will help your LG freezer run as intended.

Common Reasons for LG French Door Freezers Not Freezing

Faulty Compressor

Your LG French door freezer relies on the compressor to cool your food. If the compressor fails, your freezer won't freeze efficiently. To check if the compressor is faulty, ensure the start relay is working first.

If the start relay is okay and you still face issues, consider replacing the compressor.

Dirty or Blocked Condenser Coils

A condenser coil dissipates heat from the freezer's refrigerant. Over time, they can become dirty, reducing their cooling ability.

If your freezer isn't freezing, inspect the condenser coil by pulling the refrigerator out and removing the lower back panel—clean dirty coils with a brush or vacuum to improve their function.

Issues with the Evaporator Fan Motor

Your freezer's evaporator fan motor is essential for proper freezing. Open the freezer door and press the door switch to check if the motor is running.

If the motor doesn't run, replace the evaporator fan motor to get your freezer working properly again.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Your thermostat controls the freezer's temperature, and a malfunctioning one could lead to a non-freezing freezer. To test the thermostat, turn the dial to a lower setting and wait several hours to see if the temperature drops.

If the refrigerator doesn't have cold air, you may need to replace the temperature control thermostat.

This video provides information on how to test a thermostat.

Temperature-Related Troubleshooting Tips

If your LG French door freezer is not freezing, check the temperature settings. Ensure your freezer is set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Adjust the settings as needed.

Examine the thermistor, which monitors the temperature inside the freezer. A faulty thermistor affects the cooling process. Test it and replace it if needed.

Inspect the temperature control board. This board manages the compressor and fans. A damaged board can lead to poor cooling. Replace the board if you find any issues.

Ensure that the air vent is clear and unblocked. Blocked air vents can impede airflow, affecting the freezer's cooling capacity. Remove any visible obstructions.

Remember that different LG refrigerator models might have slightly varying troubleshooting procedures. Some common models include the LFX31945ST, LFX25950SB, LFX25950SW, LFX25950TT, LFX25976ST, LFX25991ST, LFX28978SB, LFX28978SW, LFX28979ST, LFX31925ST, and LFX31935ST. Consult your user manual for model-specific guidance.

Power Supply and Electrical Issues

Check your power supply if your LG French door freezer isn't freezing. Verify that your wall socket works and that the power cord is securely plugged in.

A properly functioning condenser fan motor is essential for adequate cooling. Observe the motor and can an appliance repair pro to replace it if necessary.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning to Prevent Freezer Issues

Keep your LG French door freezer compartment in top working condition through regular maintenance and cleaning. Start by checking the condenser coils, which play a crucial role in cooling.

Dirty coils force your freezer to work harder than necessary, leading to inefficiency and possible freezing problems.

Around twice annually be sure to clean your condenser coils in order remove and dirty buildup. Dirt and dust bunnies tend to be attracted to the condenser coils. Unplug your refrigerator and locate the coils, usually found near the bottom or behind the unit.

Use a coil brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to gently remove buildup. To ensure thorough cleaning, consider using compressed air to blow out any stubborn dirt.

Next, inspect the cold air vents in your refrigerator and freezer. Blocked vents can cause uneven cooling and freezing issues.

Remove obstructions and clean the air vent with a soft brush or cloth.

Maintaining a clean environment around your refrigerator is also essential. Make sure there is enough space between your refrigerator and surrounding objects to allow proper airflow of cool air.

A mini-refrigerator placed close by can impact your freezer's performance, so consider relocating it.

Following these simple maintenance and cleaning steps, you can prevent common freezer issues and keep your LG French door freezer running effectively.

Discover the secret to avoiding freezer woes: just a touch of maintenance can work wonders.

When to Call an Appliance Repair Service or Consider Replacing Your LG Freezer

Knowing when to call a repair service for your LG French door freezer is crucial. If you've tried troubleshooting and your freezer is still not freezing, it's time to seek professional help.

Following a troubleshooting guide can help you identify the issue, but sometimes a skilled technician is needed.

Reach out to an LG repair service when you're unsure about fixing the problem yourself. They have the expertise to diagnose and repair your freezer effectively.

Remember, working with electrical appliances can be dangerous if you're inexperienced.

Consider the costs involved in repairing your LG French door freezer. If multiple components need replacement, the appliance repair service might be expensive.

In such cases, compare the cost of repairs to buying a new refrigerator. It may be worth investing in a new appliance if the current one has recurrent issues or is outdated.

To avoid frequent freezer repair needs, maintain your LG refrigerator well. Regular cleaning, proper usage, and monitoring its performance will help prolong your freezer's lifespan.

Investing time in maintenance can save you from hefty appliance repair bills or even requiring a new refrigerator down the line.

Specific Models and Their Issues

As you explore various LG French door freezer models, you may find some that exhibit certain freezing issues. For example, problems with the evaporator fan motor or condenser coils can lead to inadequate cooling performance.

Let's examine some specific models to help you identify and address these concerns:

  • LFX21976ST: Ensure the freezer temperature settings are accurate and the water supply is functioning correctly, as issues with freezing can arise if these aspects are not in order.
  • LMX25984SW, LMX25986ST, LMX28988SB, LMX28988ST, LMX28988SW: In each of these models, it is crucial to routinely clean the dirty condenser coil to maintain proper freezing capabilities. If the problem persists, verify the functionality of the evaporator fan motor for optimal performance.
  • LRDC22743ST, LRDC22744ST: Make sure that the freezer temperature control thermostat operates as intended for these models. Turning the thermostat between its highest and lowest settings should produce an audible click. If no click is heard, consider replacing the thermostat.
Model Issue Solution
LRSC26980SB, LSFS213ST Freezer not freezing Check the compressor to ensure proper functionality, and examine the refrigerant distribution through the condenser coils.

By keeping these insights in mind, you can better diagnose issues with your LG French door freezer and implement proper solutions to maintain ideal freezing capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my LG French door freezer not freezing?

There could be a few reasons for your LG French door freezer not freezing, such as:

  • A faulty start relay
  • Dirty condenser coil
  • Problems with the evaporator fan motor
  • An issue with the condenser fan motor
  • Blocked evaporator coils
  • A malfunctioning temperature control thermostat

You may want to check these components to identify the cause and find a solution.

Why is my LG freezer cold but not freezing?

Your LG freezer could be cold but not freezing due to:

  • Improper temperature settings
  • An overfilled freezer
  • Problems with the seals or gaskets
  • Issues with the defrost system

To fix this issue, try adjusting the temperature settings, ensuring the freezer is not overfilled, checking the seals and gaskets, and inspecting the defrost system. If these steps do not help, consider consulting a professional technician for assistance.

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