How Do You Open A Freezer Door That Has Frozen Shut?

May 26, 2022
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Pressure Build-up and Ice Can Make it Difficult to Open Freezer Doors

Ice is probably accumulated around the door seal if your freezer door is shut and refuses to open. When ice accumulates on the condenser coils, this can hamper the auto defrost feature. Additionally, air can not circulate effectively, and the freezer door may freeze shut. The best way to work through a frozen shut freezer door is to unplug the appliance. This way, you allow the freezer to defrost.

Freezers are remarkable contraptions as they quietly hum and get the job done. Different businesses and households use freezers to preserve foods and drinks. Today's common freezers are portable, chest, upright, and even freezer drawers (which are generally found in commercial kitchens and restaurants). Including refrigerators with a dedicated freezer compartment, all freezers create a freezer temperature conducive to food preservation when properly maintained.

Like every appliance, standalone freezers and fridge freezers are also subject to operational complications. The most common challenge with these appliances is frozen shut freezer doors. Sometimes, your freezer or refrigerator door remains shut and becomes difficult to open.

Ice buildup occurs when the coils inside the appliance come in contact with moisture. When the moisture freezes and is left for a long time, it makes can make freezer operation nearly impossible. So you need to know an effective way to open a freezer door that has frozen shut.

Freezers also have repair and maintenance experts who are able to fix a frozen door that you can't seem to open. And these experts research the best ways to get the job done. In the same way, this article equips you with widely researched information to defrost your freezer so that you can once again open the door.

The information in this article addresses some of the commonly asked questions about the freezer door defrost problem. Such queries include:

  • Why does a freezer door refuse to open?
  • How can one prevent ice buildup in freezers?
  • Does the frequency and manner of defrosting vary with the type of freezer?

Reasons Why Freezer Doors Refuse To Open

Frost buildup is a common reason why freezer doors refuse to open. This buildup occurs when excess moisture builds up within the freezer compartment. The moisture freezes and accumulates on food as well as the inside of the freezer - including the door of the freezer.

With a little research and luck, you’ll be able to get that freezer door open once again

An obvious consequence of frost build up is freezer burn. This freezer burn occurs due to dehydration due to unbalanced air circulation. Although refrigerators have door gaskets that maintain proper airflow, warm air from outside is introduced into the freezer and can condense causing ice buildup.

Opening a stuck Freezer Drawer in an LG Freezer

Your freezer door may also refuse to open if the air pressure outside your freezer is significantly higher than the pressure inside. Attempting to gently breaking the freezer seal with an object that isn't sharp (like a finger) may allow the pressure to equalize and allow you to open the freezer.

When it's opened, warm air rushes into the freezer, and the cold air goes out. As the freezer cools the warm air, the inside pressure reduces. Once the air inside balances with the one outside, your freezer opens again.

How To Prevent Ice Buildup in Your Freezer

The frustration of ice buildup in freezers makes you yearn for some preventive measures. Well, these measures entirely depend on the choices you make.

Choose Your Freezer Wisely

Manufacturers offer various types of freezers and refrigerators, each with different benefits from the rest. New appliances have improved features and are fit for various lifestyles. Consider the factors below before purchasing freezers:

  • Evaluate your household's or business's unique food storage requirements to determine how much freezer space you actually need
  • Go for a trusted brand with an excellent freezer innovation history
  • Do your due diligence about the freezer you want
  • Go for freezers with a high warranty

A frost-free freezer may be the main thing you need to elevate food preservation. While these freezers may not eliminate ice buildup, they reduce the frequency of such cases since they defrost automatically.

It has an inbuilt timer that turns its compressor fan on and off and uses a small heater to melt away the accumulated frost.

Keep Your Freezer Cool

The FDA stipulates that 0 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature in every freezer. At this temperature, your food remains well preserved for a long time. But, once your freezer becomes warm, it loses its ability to keep drinks, meat, and other foods fresh.

How do you keep your freezer cool? Easy, reduce the number of times you open the freezer or refrigerator door. Every time the door is opened, warm air enters the coils and forms ice crystals. So the lesser you open your freezer door, the lower the chances of frost buildup.

Dry the freezer

When you open a frozen shut freezer door, you need the best method to prevent such an issue from happening in the future. First, remove all frozen food, then wipe the freezer compartments dry with hot water to remove the moisture buildup in the interior. Then allow your freezer to air dry for some time before you plug it back in.

How Frequency and Manner of Defrosting Vary With the Type of Freezer

Many freezers defrost automatically. But the frequency of the process makes people question how often it should happen. The frequency and manner of defrosting vary depending on the freezer model

Modern freezers and refrigerators control how often the process occurs because they have timers that detect when it's necessary to defrost.

Other freezers require a manual, periodic defrosting cycle which involves you removing all frozen food from the freezer and properly draining your freezer.

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