My Cuisinart Air Fryer Fan is Making Noise

July 8, 2022
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Periodic Cleaning Can Help Your Air Fryer to Run Smoothly

Just about every kitchen appliance will make noise, but if you have an ominous sound coming out of your device, which may, in an extreme case, be a fire hazard, it is better to be safe than sorry. At the very least, problems with the air fryer fan may lead to underperformance and make it harder to follow any recipe.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Most people love to air fry for the variety of dishes that can be made. Roasted chicken, burgers, french fries, and even reheating leftovers, the possibilities and recipes are endless. As with any appliance, routine checks should ensure the product functions normally.

Since this type of cookware runs with a fan - just like a convection oven - there will always be some amount of noise associated with cooking. The heating element produces the hot air needed to convection bake your food. A convection fan evenly distributes the warm air in your air fryer. The result is that you get crispy french fries or chicken nuggets in a very fast overall cooking time.

Eventually, however, some notice a rattling noise and disrupted heating levels and efficiency, which prompts the question, “Why is my air fryer fan making noise?”

Here, we’ll take a look at:

  • How to care for different models of Cuisinart air fryers
  • Sounds that signal problems when you air fry
  • Common mistakes
  • How to clean an air fryer

Different Air Fryer Models: Best Ways to Operate

Air fryers are kitchen tools used to mimic the effect of deep frying without actually deep frying food in oil. When you air fry, a high-powered fan creates convection and moves hot air quickly over the food, resulting in a crispier outside than would be achieved with a regular oven.

There is also a fan located inside the appliance to keep internal parts cool while the air fryer is on. Noise is to be expected during cooking and is entirely normal.

There are many different air fryers on the market, some even double as air fryer toaster ovens. There are a few designs by which these machines will heat the food through convection.

Ninja, Philips, Cosori, and Cuisinart are some of the biggest brands that offer many different air fryer options, all ranging in price and capacity. Various styles include baskets, oven-style (complete with shelves) and toaster-oven style.

Cuisinart alone has several different options available, so all tips for care and inspection are general. Still, most air fryers are similar enough to understand the basic functions, controls, and what constitutes the strange sounds you should be listening for.

Should the Air Fryer Make Noise?

If the air fryer is making a noise that it didn’t make when you first purchased the device, then this is probably not a good sign. That’s not to say it is always dangerous-sometimes this will be a sign of aging-but at the very least, inspect the product to make sure it is running as intended.

A problem with the fan or the heating coil can lead to more wear on the item over time.

If you hear a rattling sound coming from the fan, then this may mean that something is causing an obstruction.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Microwave Oven

Also, when you are air frying, you may hear a scraping sound if a small piece of fried food has gotten caught in the machine that gets pressed against a moving component. The main culprits will usually be large food particles, or even thick grease stains, depending on the location of the blockage.

Oppositely, it could be that something has come loose on the device, especially around the fan, where there are a few mobile pieces. When the parts are sliding around, this may create an uncomfortable noise. Luckily, many times these are easily solvable and preventable.

Common Mistakes

The key feature of air frying is just how little oil is needed for the same effect as deep frying. It would not be wise to add too much oil into the fryer as it is running, as this is bound to cause grease stains. Excess oil can also make the basket fit loosely inside; a loose-fitting basket can also cause a strange noise from your air fryer.

Also, check the appliance is not pressed up against a wall; this can obstruct the rear fan and block airflow. This is not just a problem for food and grease getting trapped, but also normal ventilation and dust particles.

How Do I Clean My Cuisinart Air Fryer?

At most, you shouldn’t go more than a couple of months without giving your air fryer a thorough cleaning. Regular cleaning helps to ensure the proper functioning of the machine. With consistent maintenance, your air fryer can last for three years or even longer.

Going too long without cleaning allows problematic substances to accumulate and cause issues down the line. These will only become harder to remove as time goes on, so it is best to stay ahead of the game.

As a reminder, before you begin, it is for your safety that you should ensure the Cuisinart air fryer toaster is not connected to a power source and is not still hot or producing heat.

Cleaning a Cuisinart AirFryer Toaster Oven

Removing Dirt and Food Particles

Ensure that the crumb tray is always in place at the bottom of the air fryer since this will keep small bits of food from getting clogged in the machine.

Likewise, moving pieces, including around the joints and any back corners, make it easy for food material to get trapped. Try to get all of this out. Otherwise, the door may end up rattling around when closed loosely.

It is easy for other particles, such as dust, to enter the back by the motor or around the fan. The rear is most prone to disruption, and any foreign objects will easily cause unexpected noise. This interference can weaken the air fryer’s components, leading to noise and disrupted cooking.

Dealing with Grease Stains

One of the most frequently occurring issues for the performance of an air fryer comes down to grease that gets caked on and stuck, especially around the mechanical parts. This is just a natural fact of something which deals with fried food.

For the exterior, it’s best to use a damp cloth with a touch of soap, making sure to use something that won’t leave scratches that hurt the finish on the air fryer oven.

Likewise, removing old grease and other oily substances from the interior is a helpful step. Getting everything off from not just the sides and the bottom but also the top is key for an efficiently functioning machine.

The sooner and more frequently you do this, the easier it will be since grease stains will only get more toilsome to deal with over time.

When dealing with the back where the fan is, though, soapy clothes need to be approached more carefully. Having made sure that the air fryer is cooled down and removed from a power source, gently apply soap to the greasy spots so that they will rub off easily.

In general, after each use, the tray and basket should be washed. Check to see what can go in the dishwasher safely and what must be done by hand.


When attempting to figure out what the problem is with the fan, you may wish to start the process by locating the product manual for your Cuisinart air fryer.

You can find product manuals for your Cuisinart air fyer here.

Photo of Someone Reading a Product Manual

A First Step in Troubleshooting Your Air Fryer Fan is To Read the Manual


No matter what, this is all cleaning and inspection is useful as routine maintenance before it gets to the point of making noise.

If these tricks don’t work, it might be worthwhile to contact the company’s warranty service. The manufacturer may also have information about how to solve your specific air fryer concerns.

If something like the fan or the door is loose, especially if you are not familiar with working on electronic equipment, it may be easier or even safer to ask someone else who has the know-how and experience to fix this sort of device.

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