Restaurants That Use Air Fryers

July 6, 2022
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Their Versatility and Small Footprint Make Air Fryers a Great Fit for Restaurants

Air fryers are a type of small appliance that can be used to cook food as an alternative to a traditional oven or a deep fryer. Restaurants have started to use air fryers because they offer a number of advantages over traditional frying methods. Additionally, an air fryer is comparatively small and compact, making it easy to store in a restaurant kitchen.

The Quick ‘n Crispy Air Fryer is Made Specifically for Commercial Use (Like Restaurants and Dining Halls)

Reasons Why Restaurants Use Air Fryers

In recent years, air fryers have become increasingly popular in restaurants. There are several reasons behind this trend which has helped enable these convection ovens to become a preferred choice for professional chefs when preparing air fried food.


Restaurants are always looking for ways to streamline their operations and save time and money. To this end, air fryers offer a quick and easy way to cook food. Unlike deep fryers, still often used in many restaurants, air fryers require minimal supervision and can be left unattended while the food is cooking. This is a huge benefit in a very busy commercial kitchen.

Photo of a busy restaurant kitchen

Commercial Kitchens Use Air Fryers Due to Their Small Footprint

Air fryers also have the advantage of being extremely easy to clean up because they don't require the use of oil, which can cause messy grease splatters. The circulation of hot air within the air fryer cooks food evenly on all sides quickly and efficiently, with little chance of burning or overcooking. This is a major bonus which leads to less time spent washing and scrubbing.



A commercial air fryer offers restaurants a wide range of menu options with a variety of different types of food that can be prepared quickly. While most air fryers are designed to cook fried foods, they can also be used to bake, roast, and even grill. This means that they can prepare appetizers, main courses, as well as desserts.

Restaurants often use air fryers for foods, such as chicken wings, fish, mozzarella sticks and French fries, as well as delectable desserts like doughnuts, pies and cakes. Efficiency and versatility go a long way to help restaurants to increase their sales and profitability.


Some people might think that food cooked in an air fryer doesn't taste as good as food cooked in a traditional oven. However, the truth is that air fryers can actually produce food that is both juicy and crispy, without the need for any unhealthy oil.

One of the reasons why air fryer food often tastes better is because spices and seasonings have a chance to deeply penetrate the food item due to the concentrated heat, infusing it with more potent flavor. In addition, since air fryers cook food quickly and evenly, there's no risk of the food drying out or becoming overcooked.

Health Benefits

Cooking with an air fryer has many health benefits with one of the biggest being that it eliminates the need for cooking oil or olive oil, reducing the amount of fat and calories in the air fry food it prepares.

Photo of salmon in an air fryer

Grilled Salmon After Being Cooked in an Air Fryer

Another very important advantage is that air fryers are non-toxic and do not release harmful chemicals into the food you eat. This makes air fried foods much safer to eat than foods cooked in a traditional fryer.

An additional thing to mention here is that air fryers are also known to reduce the formation of acrylamide, a potentially cancer-causing compound that forms when foods are fried at high temperatures. The risk of eating food with this harmful agent can be lowered by using an air frying method for cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use An Air Fryer In A Commercial Kitchen?

The answer is that air fryers have become quite a popular kitchen appliance in recent years, especially in restaurants. The pros of using an air fryer in a commercial kitchen include the fact that they can cook food quickly and evenly.

Additionally, air fryers use less oil than traditional frying methods, which can help to cut down on operational costs. However, there are also some cons to using air fryers in commercial kitchens.

One downside is that air fryers can be more expensive to purchase than other cooking appliances. Additionally, air fryers require frequent cleaning in order to maintain food safety standards.

How Do Chefs Feel About Using Air Fryers?

Air fryers have become a popular kitchen appliance in recent years, but what do professional chefs think about them? Overall, most chefs view air fryers as a convenient way to cook food with a minimum amount of effort.

Enhanced taste is often cited by chefs as the main advantage of using air fryers, as they can produce foods that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. In addition, air fryers offer a variety of cooking options which enable restaurants to offer their customers many different choices among meat, fish, vegetables, fried food, such as French fries, chicken nuggets or onion rings, and desserts.

Are There Disadvantages To Using An Air Fryer In A Restaurant?

There are definitely some drawbacks to using air fryers in commercial kitchens. They can be more expensive than other cooking appliances, they often need a bit of trial and error to reach the perfect result, and they require regular cleaning and maintenance. However, the benefits of using an air fryer outweigh the cons, making them a popular choice for busy chefs.

Do Fast Food Restaurants Use Air Fryers?

When it comes to fast food restaurants, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken or Burger King, there is no evidence that many of them have switched from using deep fryers to air fryers. In fact, most fast food restaurants continue to use traditional frying methods which can be more harmful to your health due to the high fat and calorie content of the deep fried food that is produced.

This is likely due to the fact that deep frying can generate a more consistent product than air frying. In addition, deep frying requires less expensive equipment than air frying. For these reasons, it is unlikely that we will see a widespread switch to air fryers in the fast food industry anytime soon.


Air fryers produce food that is generally healthier than food fried in oil, which can appeal to diners who are looking for healthier options. Moreover, air fryers can reduce the cooking time significantly allowing the food to cook faster and more efficiently.

The bottom line is that restaurants can serve more customers in a shorter period of time and, as a result, air fryers are a cost-effective option for restaurants that want to save money.

Overall, there are many reasons why restaurants use air fryers, and it is likely that their popularity will continue to grow in the coming years.

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